UPDATE - police were called to reports of bomb in Green Lane Dagenham store but no package was found

The police cordon close to The Co-operative Food store in Green Lane

The police cordon close to The Co-operative Food store in Green Lane - Credit: Archant

Police have now lifted a cordon after they were called to reports of a suspect package in The Co-operative Food store in Green Lane, Goodmayes.

The cordon was lifted at around 1.35pm.

Shopkeepers were told by police that they had been called and told there was a bomb in the Co-op.

Two dogs from a police dog unit entered the shop but left within five minutes and no suspect package was found inside the shop.

A police officer was overheard at the scene saying: “It was someone trying to stir up trouble.”

Shopkeepers were alerted at around 11.45am.

Riza Yendiz, 29, a director at Cafe Britannia next to the store, said: “The police said theyu can’t take any risks and that we had to go out.”

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The cordon is believed to have run from the Greenside junction to the Bennett’s Castle Lane junction.

Mustafa Celik, 48, owner of Troy Cafe in Green Lane, said the police had told him there was a package in the Co-op.

He had four customers who had to leave with him.

An assistant manager at Sue Ryder Care in Green Lane, who gave her name as Susan, said: “The police came in at 11.45.

“They told us to get everyone out.

“They said there was a bomb scare.

“We had two customers in at the time.

“I locked everything up and left.”

Gary Kensit, 46, owner of Champs Hairdressing in Green Lane, refused to leave his shop and had remained inside with around seven customers. He said: “It’s an unattended package, a bomb threat.

“I was asked to leave the shop. It’s ridiculous. They’ve cordoned off the street. What for? What is this package?

“An inspector has been in here. He wants me to evacuate the shop. It’s rubbish.

“Who would want to blow up the Co-op?”