Video: Dagenham shop assistant’s fear as teens repeatedly target off-licence

CCTV footage shows how Rupa Thakuri trys to get rid the four aggressors at Dagenham Wine and Sprits

CCTV footage shows how Rupa Thakuri trys to get rid the four aggressors at Dagenham Wine and Sprits in Goresbrook Road, Dagenham. - Credit: Archant

A 24-year-old woman has been left scared for her safety after facing ongoing harrassment from a gang of youngsters.

Rupa Thakuri, who works at Dagenham Wine and Spirits, has had glue sprayed in her face and targeted by teenage bullies on more than ten occasions over the past six months.

In the most recent incident, CCTV footage shows how a teenager dressed in a black face mask enters the Goresbrook Road store with his friend shortly after 6.30pm on November 19.

He then waved around a fiver and became angry after she refused to serve him in his face mask.

“He threw a Pringle box at the alcohol shelf,” Rupa said. “We had our pile of beers next to the door, they knocked over the beers and pushed the lottery stand down.

“The beers smashed and spilt and they then ran away swearing, holding out their middle fingers.”

Brave Rupa was caught between the gang inside and outside the doors as she tried to keep two additional intruders out.

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“I literally felt so bad I was crying for another hour,” said the Ilford resident, who says she recognised the group from previous incidents.

“I’m scared that they’ll do something worse to the store. Since that time I’ve been scared every time I see someone in a hoodie.”

Rupa, who works part-time in her cousin’s shop, says on previous incidents up to six youths have taken small items and carried out random destructive acts.

Shop owner Bharat Lamichhane added: “I’m really scared myself as well, when I see them gathered around every corner of the road I’m scared. It’s so bloody scary, they are getting away with more and more every day.

Police are investigating. Anyone with information should call 101.

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