Jailed: Window cleaner who stole jewellery from elderly clients

David Hampshire is facing jail. Pic: Met Police.

David Hampshire is facing jail. Pic: Met Police. - Credit: Archant

A crooked window cleaner who burgled his elderly clients’ homes after they trusted him to use their toilet alone has been jailed for five years and four months.

David Thomas George Hampshire, of Osborne Square, Dagenham, cleaned his victims' windows before duping his way into their homes to steal their jewellery on at least four occasions.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard the 38-year-old first struck on September 21 last year when he cleaned the windows of a 69-year-old woman's house in Rosedale Road before returning the next day to collect payment.

He asked to use her loo and later that day she noticed some of her jewellery was missing.

On November 2 he used the same method to steal jewellery from two customers he had previously cleaned windows for in Walfrey Gardens and Farmway.

Both victims trusted him so let him use the toilet alone before later noticing their jewellery had gone missing from their bedrooms.

Alerting the police he was arrested that evening, charged and remanded.

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He was arrested again that month after a fourth victim came forward to report that her jewellery was missing and she suspected Hampshire had stolen them after he cleaned her windows.

He was charged the same day and remanded until his court case.

He admitted four counts of burglary on the first day of his trial last month and was sentenced on Monday, where he was also handed an indefinite restraining order.

PC Raheel Sarwar, who led the investigation, said: "Although most of the items stolen in these burglaries were not worth a great deal of money, each piece was of significant sentimental value to the victims who were left devastated when they were taken.

"The victims had trust in Hampshire, who completely abused the kindness they showed by letting him into their homes.

"Thanks to the thorough investigation carried out by our officers, Hampshire had no choice but to admit his guilt and we hope this brings some level of closure to the victims caught up in his deceitful actions.

"We are continuing to work to reunite the victims in this case with their jewellery, which we believe may have been pawned, and urge anyone with information to come forward."