Teenager threatened at knifepoint for her Oyster card

Only an Oyster card was taken. Picture: Isabel Infantes

Only an Oyster card was taken. Picture: Isabel Infantes - Credit: Archant

A teenager was robbed by a man wielding a knife who had one demand: her Oyster card.

Brooke Forsyth, 18, was on her way home after a night out when the man approached her at the bus stop at Martins Corner.

She said: “He asked me what the time is, then said: ‘I’ve got something pretty, would you like to see it?’

“At this stage he pulled the knife out and threatened me, to kill me, to stab me to death, if I didn’t give him my Oyster card.

“I gave it to him and he just walked off like nothing had happened.”

She described the man as white with a short ginger beard, brown eyes and blonde hair, and said he was wearing a blue tracksuit with a hoodie and a black rucksack.

After a man and a woman arrived at the bus stop and asked her what happened, she saw the mugger walking towards her again, but he left when he saw a police patrol.

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The experience, which took place at around 5am on Saturday, January 5, has affected Brooke badly, saying that she felt fear when she was out of the house and was afraid to use public transport. But she’s not going to change her life because of the incident.

“I’m going to keep it as normal. If I change the way I am, it’ll have a massive effect on my lifestyle,” she said.

“I’ve just got to act like I’m not scared at all, because as soon as they see you’re scared, they think they’ve won.”

The police have given Brooke a personal alarm in case she sees her attacker again or any other threat.

The device lets out a noise and sends her location to the police when activated.

She gave advice to other people to avoid an experience like hers, saying: “Don’t travel home by yourself late at night and always keep an eye on who’s around the area.”

A Met Police spokesman confirmed officers were called to Wood Lane and that enquiries continue. No arrests have been made.

Anyone who witnessed what happened or has information about it should call 101.