Good Samaritan from Romford rescues Devon teenager who was robbed in Barking

Linda Evans came to Melissa Watson's rescue. Picture: Luke Acton.

Linda Evans came to Melissa Watson's rescue. Picture: Luke Acton. - Credit: Luke Acton

Melissa Watson had just left Barking station, fresh from her home in Devon, when she fell victim to a bag snatcher.

Melissa Watson was robbed during a trip to London. Picture: Melissa Watson.

Melissa Watson was robbed during a trip to London. Picture: Melissa Watson. - Credit: Melissa Watson

This left her with no money or a phone to call her family and ask for help.

Melissa tried to get help from drivers on North Relief Road, but was ignored until Linda Evans noticed her obviously in distress.

Linda, who lives in Romford and works in the Barking and Dagenham Post's office, said: "She was crying and she was asking for help from the people that were driving past her, but nobody stopped."

Melissa got in Linda's car and explained she was in London for an audition at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts the next day - May 15.

Linda said: "Nobody was helping her and she just looked so vulnerable standing on the side and crying and asking for help.

"I just felt so sorry for her when she told me she was such a long, long away from home."

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At first, she took her to the hotel, but with no phone in the room, her prospects didn't look much better.

After a phone call with a naturally suspicious mother, it was decided that Linda would take her in for the night.

Linda said: "Her mum was a little bit wary (of me), which was good, so she asked me a few questions.

"But the thought of going home and thinking of her being there, on her own and not being able to contact anybody, it was awful."

After dinner, a shower and as a good a night sleep as could be expected, Linda put directions in her hand to her audition well as £40.

She even called the school, to make sure she got there safely.

Melissa said she doesn't know what she would have done without Linda.

She said: "I was screaming for help. All these cars wouldn't help, but luckily Linda pulled over.

"It's so kind to let someone that you don't know stay at your house, cook them dinner and make sure they get on the train on time.

"We need more people like her in the world that are going to look after people and don't think the worst of everyone and put themselves out for other people."

Kelly Chaplin, Melissa's mum, added: "People like Linda give people faith in humanity again.

"I don't know how to word it, really. Obviously we're very grateful.

"She was an absolute star."

It was the first time that Linda Evans had ever done anything like that, but she said she would do it again.

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