Dagenham teacher’s lyrics lash out over bin strikes

Martin Blake is angry at the council's handling of the bin strikes

Martin Blake is angry at the council's handling of the bin strikes - Credit: Archant

A teacher took to the internet to back bin strikers and vent his anger at the council – with a poem.

Dagenham Park science teacher Martin Blake uploaded a recital of Dustbin Strikes to Youtube.

In it, the bespectacled wordsmith rails against pig heads left in bin bags across the borough and calls for the council to grant GMB’s demands before residents are left “swimming” in municipal waste.

“What a lovely treat to greet me at the door, a plastic bag of rhetoric sliding across the floor,” he raps. “I gingerly lift it up, the ideology weighing not at all, and hold it over the bin – but there’s no room to take the fall.”

Mr Blake, 36, said he wrote it after facing “4,000,000,000 flies” on the street.

“It’s getting quite disgusting,” he said. “I live just off Porters Avenue in a cul-de-sac where bins are lining the street and starting to stack up.”

In a letter to the council, he said Dagenham is turning into an “insect kingdom”.

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And he said a pleasant walk home on a summer’s evening turned into a battle with “hordes of flies the size of small fists”.

Writing it is in everyone’s interests to pay bin workers a “fair wage”, he tells the council to end the “appalling state of affairs” so discarded nappies stop “learning to evolve into semi-simian creatures”, which he claims they have mastered in the “millennia since the last bin collection”.

He told the Post strikers deserve admiration.

“I’m absolutely in support of the strikers,” he said.

“I appreciate that at this time the government are making cuts but I don’t think you should cut rubbish bin services.

“They do a job none of us are willing to do and I’m in absolute admiration of what they do – the council are being tight with their money.”

But Cllr Dominic Twomey, cabinet member for finance, says giving in would be financially irresponsible when making savings is essential.

“There is no way we will let the GMB hold us or our residents to ransom,” he said.

Visit mvblake.com to view the Dustbin Strikes recital and see the complaint to the council in full.

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