Daggers 0 Bournemouth 1 FULL TIME

A screamer from Mark Molesley gives Bournemouth a last gasp win at Victoria Road

Final thoughts on tonight belong to Jamey Barron

I'd love to see Bournemouth stay up as they're a great club. Grimsby is a different story, and I can't wait to see the back of them so hope that Morecambe hang on to beat them 3-2! What a dilemma for saturday... that's a long drive for another goalless performance....

before swiftly adding

I didn't want Bournemouth to get the points THAT much. Two home losses on the bounce. *sigh* I wonder if JS will pick my team? Does he read this, I wonder? I'm off to kick someone's cat - if you see yours flying, I'm sorry


Heartbreak for Daggers as Mark Molesley scores a stunning winner with the last kick!

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More reaction to come in a few minutes.

More action from Jamey Barron, who to his credit, appears to be at the game tonight!

A team full of attacking creativity and we're playing like this. This is dire. I hate myself sometimes for not being able to leave before the end of a game - come on Daggers, get a grip!!

Have to admit, it is an incredibly frustrating night for any Daggers fans, as they are just no goalmouth action at the Bournemouth end.


Big let off for Daggers a moment ago as sub Goudling puts a header against the post from no more than three yards.

Hate to say it, but its looking like another frustrating night for Daggers fans at the moment.

The crossing is off, they arent testing Jalal and its hard to see where the goal is going to come!

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I wish there was more I could bring you, I really do, but apart from a Nurse backheel that was scrambled wide there isnt much.

As I put that, Ritchie thunders a volley wide, so there is still hope!

The Cherries have just brought on Jason Tindall, who was only re-registered a few days ago, maybe Jon Nurse's pace might have a late effect.

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Have to say that the most interesting thing on the pitch at the moment is Roberts ongoing battle with the visiting fans.

As usual, he is getting plenty of stick, but keeping up his banter at every opportunity too.

With nothing much happening at either end, this is what to watch right now!

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The game is starting to pick up again here as Daggers try to get that crucial breakthrough.

Foster was adjudged to have handled when in another excellent goalscoring opportunity, just how does he keep ending up there?!

Ritchie has also had another daisycutter well held, and it looks like he will be behind any breaking of the deadlock.

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Finally, some action on the emails!

Jamey Barron writes: We really could do with a win tonight, and certainly some goals. 4 in the last 5 games is not a good tally and, much as it pains me to say it, I think we are missing the wasteful Mr Benson a lot.

Still, the players we have are good enough - I would quite like to see a 4-4-1-1 with Ritchie behind Strevs to see how that works?

In fact, Taiwo on for Nurse and then my two up front - come on John, shuffle it about!!!


All square here at the break, as Southam sends a poor shot wide right on half time when he should have done better.

Dagger are doing most of the attacking here, but their setpiece delivery is not up to its usual standards and they are not getting too many efforts on target.

Here's hoping for a better second half, as John Stills men could do with a couple of goals to reignite their promotion push.

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Starting to turn into a slightly frustrating evening here as Strevens opted to cut inside and got crowded out when he should have shot, while Arber only needed to get a touch on Saunders curling free kick but didnt, and the ball just shaved the post.

The visitors are having the occasional foray forward with Connell behind most of their good moments, but how Daggers could do with a goal before the break to settle them down.

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Daggers have a goal disallowed here as Ritchie's shot is parried only for Foster to turn in the rebound via a deflection, but the fullback is deemed offside.

The hosts are looking by far the better side here as Ritchie once again is a box of tricks whenever on the ball, but to their credit, Bournemouth are defending well at the moment.

Daggers couldnt break through against Wycombe last time out at Victoria Road and also drew a blank on the weekend, so they will be looking to end this mini drought as quickly as possible!

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Loft has just fired in a wonder shot from 25 yards that was superbly tipped over the bar by Jalal at full stretch.

Apart from that, its all gone slightly quiet here, though the Cherries fans are in good voice despite their worrying league position.

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Oooh, Daggers so close to an opener here as Saunders effort is cleared off the line by Anton Robinson.

Looked like it might have even crossed the line from here, but the linesman says no.

Strevens has also come close with an audacious chip, but it has to be said, there is a disappointing lack of atmosphere from the home supporters, with a few preferring to stay at home and watch the Champions League I guess.

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Hello and welcome to Victoria Road for tonights clash between Daggers and Bournemouth.

Captain Mark Arber is back in the side tonight, while Anwar Uddin returns to the bench after both missing the 0-0 draw with Accrington on Saturday.

The changes means that Nurse moves back up front, with Foster back at full back and Thomas drops to the bench.

Daggers: Roberts, Foster, Griffiths, Arber, Okuonghae, Saunders, Loft, Southam, Ritchie, Strevens, Nurse.

Subs: Hogan, Uddin, Thomas, Montgomerym Taiwo.

Bournemouth: Jalal, Garry, Pearce, Igoe, Pitman, Connell, Hollands, Molesley, Robinson, Cummings, Fletcher.

Subs: Pryce, Feeney, Goulding, McQuoid, Tindall.

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