Daggers 2 Macclesfield 1 Full Time

Goal from Matt Ritchie and Paul Benson sees Daggers come from 1-0 down to beat Macclesfield Town 2-1

GOALFLASH - Ritchie volleys Daggers into the lead here with a clinical finish from the edge of the box.

Five minutes to go here, so can Stills men hold on!

80MINS: We are going to be in for an interesting last 10 here as a draw is no good for Daggers play-off hopes.

With Gain and Benson on the pitch now, Daggers look a far more dangerous outfit.


It had to be didnt it?

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Benson and Gain came on and within a few minutes, Benson stole in to lob the ball over Brain and into the net.

A perfect finish from the forward, and illustrates perfectly, how much Daggers have missed him, as no-one else would have got that goal.

More imjportantly, the Daggers home drought is over and now they can try and win this!

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60: All very scrappy here as Daggers try to get back into the game.

Daniels has just gone in the book now after a late challenge on Foster, but the hosts arent making much headway at the moment, and there is no sign of Benson and Gain from the bench just yet.

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50: Daggers look up for the second half already, as they know they have to get something from this game.

As I type though, Macc almost made it 2-0 when Daniels broke through, but he fired wide of Roberts goal, so a let off for the hosts.

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Half time here, Daggers are behind, somewhat unfortunately in my opinion, but more reaction in a minute.

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GOALFLASH: John Rooney puts the Silkmen ahead after a bad mistake by Mark Arber, the experienced defender slipped, but it was a fine finish.

35MINS: How Daggers arent ahead now I dont know.

Magnus brought out a stunning point blank save from Brain with a header, while the rebound was hacked clear.

Then, Strevens toe-poked wide too, but apart from a Daniels effort that was disallowed for offside, the visitors havent really seen much of Roberts goal yet.

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25MINS: Arber back on again now, though he has been told to go off again due to the blood, but now hes back, if you can keep up with that...

Anyway, Loft has just brought a decent save out of Brain after the keeper dropped an excellent Foster cross, while Saunders saw a free kick go straight at Brain, so we're getting closer.

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15MINS: Slightly worrying news here as Arber goes off for some running repairs with blood streaming down his face.

The bizarre weather conditions keep up too as its now raining after a little spell of sunshine, very strange day today!

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Well, this game has gone ahead, unlike Monday night, and Daggers looked refreshed by their enforced break.

Ritchie is getting the in wide areas, but so far his crosses are being dealt with by keeper Brain.

Taiwo has produced one crunching challenge too, as has Magnus, and Im going to put my neck on the block here and say that Daggers will score and end their recent drought at home, they just have to!

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Hello and welcome to Victoria Road for todays League Two clash with Macclesfield.

The good news from here is that the torrential hailstorm has just finished, but there is plenty of standing water on the pitch, which means that this game isnt going to be a classic!

With the swirling wind too, then it might well be the team that fancies the conditions today.

Good news for the Daggers is that Benson and Gain are both on the bench, as is club captain Anwar Uddin.

Daggers: Roberts, Foster, Griffiths, Arber, Okuonghae, Saunders, Taiwo, Loft, Ritchie, Strevens, Guy.

Subs: Hogan, Uddin, Nurse, Benson, Gain.

Macclesfield: Brain, Deen, Morgan, Bell, Rooney, Brisley, Hadfield, Flynn, Evans, Brown, Daniels.

Subs: Walker, Sinclair, Tolley, Thomas, Harvey.

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