Daggers fans hope reputation remains intact

DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE fans believe the club s reputation could well be tarnished after the club s League Two fixture with Brentford on Monday night, due to be televised live on Sky, was called off due to a floodlight failure, writes MIKE SIMMONDS. Daggers

DAGENHAM & REDBRIDGE fans believe the club's reputation could well be tarnished after the club's League Two fixture with Brentford on Monday night, due to be televised live on Sky, was called off due to a floodlight failure, writes MIKE SIMMONDS.

Daggers had been anticipating their biggest crowd of the season, with over 3,000 expected to attend, and the supporters who contacted the Recorder, were hoping the club would bounce back from this fiasco.

Paul from supporters website Upminster Daggers, said: "The public image of the club will have been dented by Monday's events as Dagenham & Redbridge has always been a well respected club.

"There are those sensible enough to realise that the lights failing was not the fault of the club, but there are others who will try to point the finger at the club, especially as this comes just three and a bit months after a similar incident against Exeter City.

"Also, while Sky will obviously be aware of all the facts surrounding how last night happened, will they want to take the risk again of such an issue taking place during one of their productions?

"Games from League Two are not covered that frequently, and so the chance of another one coming round for us soon is probably slim?"

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Another fan, Lee Wilson, added: "I was completely gutted that the game didn't go ahead. It was a big game for both teams that turned into an even bigger event by the presence of the Sky cameras.

"It was a real opportunity for the club to gain some new fans/followers and to send out a statement of intent to the other teams in the division.

"Naturally I'm disappointed to have not seen anything for my 16 pounds as it's the second time this season I've paid 16 pounds and not seen a game completed.

"On the flip side though, I feel very sorry for the club as a whole. A lot of money was lost last night and who knows how that will affect our building of the new stand and our budget for this and next season. A very disappointing evening for everyone involved!"

Daggers from Kent emailed to say: "Even though I travel from Kent to each game the journey or being put out is the least of my concerns.

"Losing the �50-75k is a massive blow which I'm sure would have been used for the new stand."

David North from Norfolk Daggers, said: "I run a small club of Daggers fans based in Norfolk, we attend many matches both home and away.

"We arrived at Dagenham at 7.10 after the journey from hell, parked a few streets away and then sprinted to the ground. We passed into the stadium and almost exactly as the last member of my group went through the turnstile the lights went out.

"We stood in the cold listening to various rumours from the terrace grapevine but the stewards and staff at Dagenham should be congratulated for controlling the crowd and doing their very best to keep everyone informed and safe.

"I believe the club made the right decision at the right time.

"Also, on the way back to the mini bus one of our number slipped down a kerb and fell over. He was tended to expertly by two Brentford fans who wouldn't accept anything for their kindness. Yes the lights may have gone out, yes it was a horrid journey. But you can keep the Premiership so far as I'm concerned. I'll continue to watch Dagenham who are in every sense of the phrase a family club."

Jamey Barron commented: "It is embarrassing as a Daggers fan - although the floodlights going out was not our fault, it has been percieved as such.

"I came into work to the expected banter of “little clubs can’t even afford to pay the bills” which, although expected, was a little saddening.

"Daggers are a new club to the world - many of the people I have met over the recent years had no idea who they were until they met me, and now keep an eye on how they are doing.

"Sky exposure is great for any club in the lower divisions. The financial reward is good, but people being able to see us is also brilliant.

"With this local sub-station knocking our lights out, it makes me wonder if Sky will risk putting us on again at night - at least until we can give assurances that this won’t happen again.

"Aside from the lost revenue, it’s a terrible shame for the club and players who would have enjoyed the experience.

"The whole debacle has cost us time and this was the ideal time to play Brentford really as we’re just on the up and Brentford are looking a little shaky.

"Do we get to sue the electricity board for any points dropped in the rearranged fixture?

"It’s cost us money and means we now have to jam an extra fixture into the calendar while we’re building a push for the play-offs.

"Dreadful all round."

Finally, Ron the Dagger, said: "It was a total embarrassment, to happen on live TV and a great financial loss for the club.

"Also, we have missed the moment of playing the league leaders on live TV which would have really lifted the players who were ready to raise their game.

"This has also damaged D&R reputation in the eyes of supporters from other clubs, both in League Two and the Conference.

"Though it was not the clubs fault, I'm sure that the TV cameras will now be reluctant to return.

"It's a big disappointment to both clubs and both sets of fan and the whole saga compounded by the fact the lights also failed during the Exeter game so the warning was there.

"It's a real downside to what has been a great season."

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