Women claim to capture picture of ghost in Eastbury Manor House

Eastbury Manor House in Barking

Could Eastbury Manor House in Barking be haunted? - Credit: Ken Mears

Two friends claim to have seen the ghost of a girl at Eastbury Manor House in Barking.

Joanne Puffett and Diane De-Groot had hoped to visit the Grade I-listed Elizabethan building on Monday, August 30.

eastbury manor house ghost photo

Joanne Puffett and Diane De-Groot believe this image reveals the ghost of a girl at Eastbury Manor House in Barking. - Credit: Joanne Puffett

Although it was closed, the pair decided to look round the outside of the house built for Clement Sisley and completed between 1572-73.

As they neared the ground floor at the back of the house, Joanne says she suddenly shivered as a chill passed through her.

Thinking little of it, the friends continued taking photos of the historic landmark.

But after going their separate ways, both women later scrolled through their pictures and came across a view they both took which seemed to have altered.

In each photograph of what had been an empty window, the image of a sad girl peering through the glass had appeared, they claim.

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"They say a camera never lies," Diane said. "We didn't see it when we were there, only after taking the pictures and looking at them.

"I just thought straightaway 'that's a ghost'. I wasn't spooked."

Unafraid by her alleged brush with the supernatural, cleaner Diane, 57, said she would be thrilled to get a job dusting Eastbury's treasures so she could party with the spirits.

Carrying out an internet search of the manor house, Diane and Joanne said they found a website which reports sightings of a girl appearing in period costume to female onlookers.

They claim their images resemble a sketch online of a ghost said to haunt the property usually known for its wall paintings, soaring chimneys and cobbled courtyard.

"Eastbury Manor House definitely has an eerie feel to it," Diane said. "It was just so weird how it appears on Jo's phone and mine.

"There was nothing in the window at all."

Joanne, 44, is less certain whether it was an apparition, but said: "If you see it, then you can believe it. Is it a ghost? I don't know, but I'm curious to see if it really exists."

However, Diane - who has an interest in spiritualism - remains convinced the image shows a phantom, suggesting it could be a daughter of Clement's who died young.

Asked if it is a hoax, Diane said: "People should go themselves and take a picture. They might see it for themselves if they don't believe it.

"All the windows were black and the image came up like that on our phones."