A vibrant new mural greeted a primary school’s pupils returning from the Easter break.

The multi-coloured artwork at Becontree Primary in Stevens Road, Dagenham, came courtesy of the Bow Arts Trust working with the school’s culture expert, Mantee Doogan.

The school council decided the piece should spell out ‘Respect’ after talking to classmates who wanted it to reflect the primary’s motto, ‘Respecting one another’.

Headteacher, Marie Ziane, said “All children and parents involved in the process enjoyed the activities and are really proud of their contributions to the finished product.

“It’s been wonderful watching children showing parents and carers their own work on the banners as they arrive at school.

“We can’t wait to plan our next project with Bow Arts for next year!”

It was decided the mural would go by the main gates in the playground to remind everyone who walked past about how to treat everyone they come across.

Groups of children from Years 1 to 6 then worked with Bow Arts educator, Lea Jagendorf, to create images suggesting ‘respect’.

The youngsters drew, traced and cut shapes before putting them together to create an object or emotion.

The new artwork has proved a popular addition at the school.

Sumaya from Year 1 said: “The banners are wonderful and very colourful.”

“I like the banners because they are bright and are decorated so nicely. The word ‘respect’ on the banners reminds me of what I need to do every day,” added Rizwaan of Year 6.

Cllr Evelyn Carpenter, cabinet member for educational attainment and school improvement, said: “The new artwork is beautiful. Lea Jagendorf and the children have done an amazing job.

“Ensuring that we respect each other every day is extremely important, and I am proud the students decided this is what they wanted the artwork to represent. Well done to all involved.”