A-level advice available for Barking and Dagenham students with unexpected grades

Careers advisers from the Exam Results Helpline will be on-hand from 8am tomorrow to provide valuable information and advice to students (and their parents) in the borough who receive higher or lower A-level results than expected.

By calling 0808 100 8000 young people can receive advice on what to do next. Calls are free from landlines and selected mobile networks and the helpline is open for 10 days.

Nick Hynes, careers adviser and exam results helpline adviser, said: “Every year, there are students who don’t get the grades they need for university, there are those who achieve better grades than expected and those whose career plans have changed since they made their original university choices.

“At such a critical and life changing time, it’s imperative that these students are clear what all of their options are, enabling them to make fully informed decisions about their futures.”