Barking cyclist, six, overcomes bullying to win gold medal

BMX rider Trey-Wayne Saunders, 6

BMX rider Trey-Wayne Saunders, 6 - Credit: Archant

A six-year-old boy who was bullied so badly he was forced to leave school has won a capital-wide BMX gold medal.

BMX rider Trey-Wayne Saunders, 6

BMX rider Trey-Wayne Saunders, 6 - Credit: Archant

Trey-Wayne Saunders has been a keen cyclist ever since dad Wayne taught him to ride at the age of two and came first in the novice under-7s race at the London 2016 BMX series.

Training every Saturday at Peckham BMX club and every day near his home in Riverdale Close, Barking, the speedy youngster was delighted with his win on Sunday, March 19.

“It was good, it made me feel really confident,” he said.

“It was hard work because I peddled really fast. My parents were really happy when I won.

Trey-Wayne Saunders

Trey-Wayne Saunders - Credit: Archant

“I’ve had a difficult year at school with the bullying but this has given me a lot of confidence and I’m looking forward to going to a new school soon.”

After suffering verbal and physical abuse at school his mum Denise, a film and drama school group leader, decided to hire a tutor to home-school her son until he starts at a new school in September.

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Having seen his school focus deteriorate and usual creativity talents start to wane as a result of his school troubles, she inists it was the bike-riding that got him through.

“It’s been extremely hard,” she said. “But he’s overcome the trials and he’s told me he’s going to use a new approach and stay posiitve.


Trey-Wayne - Credit: Archant

“It was his BMX riding that got him through it all.”

Multi-talented Trey-Wayne also swims at the London Aquatics Centre and is learning to play the piano, although cycling will aways come first.

“We’re so proud of him,” added Denise. “It’s a reallly big confidence boost for him because it shows that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome it.”