Blank school menu sent to Barking and Dagenham parents

The incorrect menu which was sent to parents (Picture: Tom Varey)

The incorrect menu which was sent to parents (Picture: Tom Varey) - Credit: Archant

Bemused parents received blank school lunch menus because of a printing blunder.

The colourful Your Tasty New Primary Menu leaflets were posted out without including any of the nutritious options on offer.

Stuart Robertson, whose 10-year-old son attends Manor Junior School in Barking, was among about 50 families who received one of the blank menus.

“It seems like a ridiculous waste of money because they are clearly wrong – didn’t anyone check them before they were sent out?” he said.

“You don’t expect this kind of thing, especially at a time when the council is cutting back on the amount of money it spends.”

Tom Varey, 41, whose sons attend Village Infants School and William Ford Junior School, was surprised to receive a blank menu in the post after being previously handed a correct version.

“I work for a printing company and I’m surprised this got past quality control,” he said.

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But Ruth Waterhouse saw the funny side, writing on Facebook: “Thank you LBBD for the new primary school menus that you sent to us parents in the post.

“Looks like my children will be having packed lunches then!”

A council spokeswoman said the leaflets were sent out to parents following a mistake by one of the council’s Food for Life partners.

“As soon as the error was brought to our attention we raised it with the supplier who accepted full responsibility for it,” she added.

“They have since organised a reprint at their own expense and have redistributed with apologies.”