East Ham school shortlisted by international lawyers for competition

Brampton Academy

Brampton Academy - Credit: Archant

A major international law firm has shortlisted a school from East Ham in a national competition.

One of the ‘Magic Circle’ corporate law firms, Linklaters held the competition as part of its effort to improve social mobility and hire people from more diverse backgrounds.

Called the ‘Making Links Schools Challenge’, its goal was to grow students’ commercial and presentation skills.

Only open to state schools, Brampton Manor Academy in East Ham was one of the 20 shortlisted. More than 400 schools applied from across the UK.

“State school applicants are heavily underrepresented in the legal profession, with applications dominated by independent schools,” said David Martin, global diversity and inclusion partner.

He said the firm wanted to address this by engaging with state schools and help students from less privileged backgrounds get mentoring and training.

From each of the schools, students helped answer a question around innovation with an essay or PowerPoint.

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Those on the shortlist went on to the final to present their ideas to senior figures in the firm.

Prizes included online vouchers for to support students’ study and cash for schools to help them engage with business or ‘self-directed study’.

While a student from Portsmouth College won the competition with a submission focused on Amazon’s business model, other students at the final got to tour the firm’s office and network with lawyers and other professionals.

They also got to sit in covering innovation, personal brand development and application, and interview technique.

The firm also spoke with teachers about what it does, how it engages young people and how they can work together to tell young people about their options.