Dagenham dyslexic student helps raise awareness with video

Rheanna Stiles, 19

Rheanna Stiles, 19 - Credit: Archant

A former college student is hoping to make people more aware of dyslexia by speaking about her experience.

Rheanna Stiles, who lives in Dagenham and was part of the Post’s student takeover team in 2014, has made a short film to promote Dyslexia Awareness Week, which runs until Sunday.

The 19-year-old admits that she went all through school thinking that she wasn’t clever and left with no qualification.

She was only diagnosed with dyslexia and received the help she needed to excel when she enrolled in Barking and Dagenham College where she is now working as business apprentice.

Rheanna has also worked as a student ambassador, acting as a positive role model. “I tell them my story and give them advice,” she explained.

To watch the video, visit the college’s Facebook page.