Dagenham fashionistas prepare for catwalk show

Wannabe hairdressers and couturiers will turn a salon into a fashion powerhouse by taking part in workshops culminating in a catwalk show this autumn.

Fashionistas aged 16 to 19 are invited to nurture their talents by joining training sessions to prepare for a Quest fashion show on September 3.

The teenagers will train at the Quest salon in Green Lane, Dagenham, up to three days a week between July and September.

They will be given a budget to create a catwalk model outfit, learn the basics of hairdressing and find out about visual merchandising and selling at a pop-up shop in the salon.

A spokesman said: “Quest summer projects are a great way to boost your practical skills and get accredited qualifications over the holidays, which look great on your CV.

“Many of last year’s summer project graduates went on to apprenticeships, college or continued training with Quest.”

The hairdressing and fashion sessions are free but spaces are limited. For more information, call 020 8911 0760 or email sarahw@quest4training.com.

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Note: Pix of hairdressers at work to be taken at the salon on Monday at noon