Dagenham gym champ could still trampoline at Olympic curtain raiser

A young gymnastics champion bidding to appear at the Olympic opening ceremony has been given his long-awaited medical certificate thanks to the Post.

Cole Burrell, eight, waited three weeks for a GP note he had to give Olympics chiefs to perform trampolining at the �27million extravaganza, at the Oympic Stadium in Stratford on July 27.

His mum Claire, 37, of Grafton Road, Dagenham, was told she may have to wait up to five weeks for the note, owing to an administrative backlog at their surgery, but NHS bosses fast-tracked an appointment with the family last week after the Post intervened.

Olympics chiefs still need to assess his fitness but the Post was told there was still enough time to review his notes.

A London 2012 spokesman said: “There isn’t a fixed date but there is plenty of time for this to be resolved.”