Dagenham pupil praised for helping boy being bullied on the bus

Ayodeji Okunowo with his head of year Shaun Eason Picture: N Pauro

Ayodeji Okunowo with his head of year Shaun Eason Picture: N Pauro - Credit: N Pauro

A schoolboy from Dagenham who stepped in when another pupil was being bullied on the bus has been rewarded for his actions.

Ayodeji Okunowo, who is in Year 11 at All Saints Catholic School, intervened when a young boy from another school was being picked on by other pupils on the bus home.

While others had their headphones in and ignored what was going on, Ayodeji stood up for the other boy and made sure the bullying stopped.

He then escorted him home safely, walking the boy to his front door.

And Ayodeji didn’t boast about his actions on social media either, instead getting on with studying for his GCSEs.

It was only when the bullied boy’s mum called the Terling Road school’s headteacher, Clare Cantle, to praise Ayodeji that the school was aware of what happened, and decided to make the teenager a prefect as recognition of his actions.

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