Dagenham pupils get ready to Google earth

PUPILS are to create a huge Olympic sign in their playground big enough to be captured by Google Earth.

Thomas Arnold Primary in Dagenham is among 10 London schools symbolically joining hands to create massive emblems recognisable from space to celebrate the capital’s green agenda and the Olympics in the lead-up to 2012.

Google Earth satellites will record images of the 400 pupils building the eco installation the size of half a football pitch over two days next Easter.

The children will also be able to share their Olympic tribute by downloading the Google images on school computers.

A member of staff, Gemma Moores, said: “We’re really exited. Google Earth is a really big company.”

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Stratford-based organisation, A New Direction, is giving Thomas Arnold �3,000 to deliver the project helping unlock the pupils’ creative and green potential.

The “Signs of Change” project will kick off in October when six Thomas Arnold children meet a prominent astro scientist who studies the impact of climate change from space.

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The as-yet-unamed scientist will be in charge of giving them full details of their “eco mission”.

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