Dagenham students release Jubilee balloons

Patriotic pupils released more than 500 balloons to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Jo Richardson School in Gale Street, Dagenham, hopes the balloon launch will foster new links with nations overseas.

Headteacher Ges Smith said: “We aim not only to celebrate the Jubilee but also strive to develop international links through this exciting event.

“We encourage the students to think about communities, cultures and languages other than their own.”

The balloons were launched on May 30. The student whose balloon travels the furthest will win a �50 prize.

Pupil Baimba Turay, 12, said: “I hope mine gets as far as Holland as this is where my family are from originally and it would be cool to have a relative find mine.”

Other schools are getting into the Jubilee spirit this week. Valence Primary School in Bonham Road, Dagenham, held a Jubilee tea party on May 30.

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Parent Irene Drew was invited to attend the do with her 10-year-old son Sinlay. She said: “It was very good. The kids enjoyed themselves.”