Drop expected in GCSE results published tomorrow

SCHOOLS across the country are bracing themselves for the new GCSE league table results which will be published tomorrow.

This year’s results are expected to show a major drop in the league for many schools as the coalition government introduced new benchmarks to measure the attainment levels of secondary school pupils.

A School’s performance will be measured on how many pupils achieved A* to C grades in five specific subjects including science, history and languages.

Currently tables are based on good grades in English and Maths plus three other non-specific subjects.

The move is supposed to give traditional subjects a boost and create an ‘English Baccalaureate’ similar to the

European Baccalaureate.

The government is also publishing new ‘spend data’ to reveal the per head expenditure of each local authority-run primary and secondary school on teaching staff, energy and catering in the last year.