Four siblings to keep decorating in the family at Barking and Dagenham College

Decorators Billy, Tommy, Tony and Perry Wrenn

Decorators Billy, Tommy, Tony and Perry Wrenn - Credit: Archant

A quartet of brothers has decided to keep decorating in the family and allow themselves to be painted with the same brush.

Perry, Tony, Billy and Tommy Wrenn are all studying painting and decorating at Barking and Dagenham College after being inspired by family who work in the industry.

Tony, 19, who is an apprentice at subcontractors Roseville, said he originally strayed from the family calling before realising the error of his ways.

“I enrolled on a plumbing and electrical course, but it was painting and decorating that was right for me – so I studied that,” he said.

Eldest brother Perry, 20, is about to join Tony at Roseville – but is keen to become a master of his trade at college while he works.

And because sharing a womb wasn’t quite enough for twins Billy and Tommy, 18, they too chose to become fully fledged Wrenns together by wielding paintbrushes side by side.

The brothers in art decided to take different paths in the world of work, however – Billy choosing to go to Bagnalls, Tommy to Winchmore Limited.

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Billy, whose mantra is “preparation is decoration,” prefers hanging wallpaper out of all his duties, but claims the trade is not short of variety.

He said: “I like painting and decorating because there’s something new to do every day.”

The 18-year-old Wrenn already has much to be proud of, having waded into Heron Tower, near Liverpool Street, for a big job.

Meanwhile Mark Ravenhill, the project manager for Roseville, said he is happy to be taking on a brace of brothers.

“The apprentices the college has provided us with in the past have all worked out very well, and we are hoping for the same with Perry and Tony,” he said.