From Dagenham to Eton - Elias talks about first weeks at top boarding school

Elias Tomarkin in his tailcoat at Eton

Elias Tomarkin in his tailcoat at Eton - Credit: Archant

As he follows in the footsteps of some of Britain’s most famous and influential men, a talented flautist has spoken of his first few weeks at Eton.

Elias Tomarkin at the piano at Eton

Elias Tomarkin at the piano at Eton - Credit: Archant

Elias Tomarkin, of Greenway, Dagenham, started at the £32,000-a-year boarding school near Windsor last month after winning a scholarship from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s charitable foundation.

The former pupil of Robert Clack School in Dagenham, who picked up straight A*s in his GCSEs this summer, will study A-levels in music, modern history, theology and English literature while making full use of the extra-curricular activities that will help him develop his musical talents.

Elias said his first three weeks at the school – where Prince William, David Cameron and Boris Johnson have all been pupils – had been “fantastic”.

“Going somewhere new is always a little scary at first but everyone has been so welcoming,” he told the Post.

“I come from a very different background to many of the students but no one has treated me any differently. We’re all human at the end of the day.”

The 16-year-old flautist, who has performed at the Barbican and played alongside the London Symphony Orchestra, has a packed itinerary every day.

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“I’m busy from the moment I get up until I go to bed,” he explained.

“There are five lessons in the morning, then after lunch we do various activities from music to sport then, from 4.30pm to 6pm, it’s more lessons. For the remainder of the day, I do more music-related stuff.

“You’d think I’d feel tired but it’s actually very energising.”

Elias has already joined a symphony orchestra, a concert band, a chamber orchestra and a violin group, and has signed up to perform the music for a school play.

“There are so many talented and passionate musicians here,” he continued. “It’s so fun to be among them. On top of that, the facilities are fantastic – the sky’s the limit really.”