Gallery: Christmas plays in Barking and Dagenham schools

Welcome to the first or our selction of pictures of Christmas plays from across Barking and Dagenham.

Pupils from across the borough �delighted friends and family with a host of festive performances.

At Grafton Junior School, in Grafton Road, �Dagenham, youngsters treated older people from the community to Christmas songs and music.

Head teacher Martin Nicholson said: “It was actually the �pupils’ idea to put on a performance for their grandparents and elderly friends and neighbours.”

Year two pupils at Manor Infants School, in �Sandringham Road, Dagenham, put on their last �nativity play before moving to the junior school.

Administrator Karen Kelly said: “It was a lovely performance and they all looked great in their �costumes. Children and parents really enjoyed it.”

At St Teresa Primary School, in Bowes Road, �Dagenham, the nursery and reception class plus years one and two put on nativity plays.

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Headteacher Michael Corcoran said: “A fantastic number of parents and other family members came to watch the performances and were glowing with pride to see their young ones perform with such �enthusiasm and joy.”

* See next week’s POST for more pictures of your Christmas plays