GCSE results: Dagenham Park

At Dagenham Park School, 47 per cent of students achieved five or more A*-C grades including English and maths.

Dagenham Park student Kaiwen Song achieved seven A*s, in his GCSE results.

The 16-year-old also achieved two distinction *s at B-Tech and an A for additional maths.

He said: “I never believed I would achieve this kind of result, I was expecting a B or C for English because it was always my weak point, but I got an A*.

“It’s been very hard work but it’s all paid off. I want to thank my teacher Ms Murphy, she gave me so much confidence and is the best teacher I’ve had in years.”

Kaiwen is planning to study double math and three sciences at either King Edward VI, Suffolk, Westcliff High School for Boys or Southend High School for Boys.

Another high achiever was Nadera Rahman Runa, 16, who achieved seven A*s, one A, one C and one A in additional maths.

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She hopes to move on to study biology, chemistry, maths and history at Seven Kings High School.

Deputy Head Ms Moon said: “I am really proud of everyone here.”

Also celebrating was Kristina Terech, 16, who achieved five A*s, including one in Russian, four A’s two B’s and a B in additional maths.

She said: “Some of the results were really unexpected. I’m looking at three colleges now. I want to study physics, chemistry, economics and maths, then hopefully I want go to UCL.”

Finally, Fengyi Wang, 16, plans to study chemistry, physics, art, maths and further maths at Dagenham Park Sixth Form after achieving five A*s two A’s and two B’s.