Life at Barking school inspires song

Paulo Ramos has written a song for Eastbury School in Barking

Paulo Ramos has written a song for Eastbury School in Barking - Credit: Archant

Pupils at Eastbury have their very own anthem after the headteacher’s personal assistant recorded a song inspired by life at the Barking school.

Paulo Ramos has composed, performed and recorded the rousing Fly, in which he plays the piano and sings.

Although the talented musician sadly missed the first time that his song was played out to pupils at the Dawson Avenue school, he is planning to teach them the tune.

“It will be great to hear the kids singing it,” he said. “I am running a Key Stage 2 choir club this term and I am intending on teaching it to them.”

Paulo, who has worked at the school since May 2011, says the song was inspired by the change of leadership when headteacher Leigh Hovey took over in 2012

“People started to feel very optimistic and he even introduced a radio station to the school,” Paulo, who has played the violin and piano from an early age, said.

“I just love making music and I am lucky enough to have a headteacher who is really supportive and passionate about it.”

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The song was produced by Luke Henderson of Fluke Productions which is based in Dalston.