Mum of hyperactive pupil pleads council to rehouse her family in Barking

The mother of a boy suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has renewed her fight for her family to be rehoused after experts deemed her current home unsuitable.

Hayley Warwick, 31, believes she should be moved up the council’s priority list for social housing as professionals have backed up her argument that the flat she is living in is not suitable for her nine-year-old Lewis.

Lewis, who has behavioural problems, requires access to a garden, they have argued.

A teacher at a special school in Dagenham, Cambell Primary Centre, and an NHS family therapist have both supported the mum-of-three, but she has not been able to secure a new home.

Miss Warwick, of St Margarets on Gascoigne Estate, Barking, said the fact that the flat has been burgled on two occasions adds to the problems.

She said: “I’ve installed security gates on the front door. My kids were petrified to go out after the burglary and it happened again.

“I need to get out of here because of the security and we need to have a house. I’ve been in here seven years. Due to medical grounds we need a house. Lewis needs his space.

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“I won’t have any complaints if we have a house with our own garden and he can let off steam.”

Joyce Huggins, a family therapist with North East London Foundation Trust and Kate Black, a senior teacher at Cambell Primary Centre in Langley Crescent, urged the council to rehouse the family in 2010. The written endorsements came after the two burglaries, which occurred around five years ago.

Miss Warwick said she recently noticed that her place on the council waiting list for a home had dropped in priority. Lewis is now being taught at a mainstream school, Gascoigne Primary in Gascoigne Road, Barking, but still has behavioural issues, his mum said.

Barking and Dagenham Council said the needs of her son had been taken into consideration.

A council spokesman added: “Miss Warwick is currently living in a three-bedroom property, which is the correct size for her family. However, she has been awarded a priority status when using the bidding system because of health issues in her family.

“We are sorry to hear that she has been a victim of burglary, but we are not able to transfer tenants for this reason.”