Pictures: Dagenham dance festival aims to INSPIRE

Dancers at the INSPIRE festival

Dancers at the INSPIRE festival - Credit: Archant

Talented performers put on a captivating show exploring the borough’s 50th anniversary through the medium of music, drama and dance.

Artists from Green Shoe Art spent six weeks rehearsing with five schools in the borough ahead of the inaugural INSPIRE festival.

With the aim of celebrating young talent, the event saw pupils from Beam Primary, St Teresa Catholic School, Northbury Primary, Eastbury Comprehensive Secondary and Dagenham Park School take to the stage for two sold out performances last week.

Miles Openshaw, founder and associate director of Green Shoe Art, said: “The kids came off the stage looking like they’d just won the lottery which was really lovely to see.

“They were all very commited and dedicated to the project – I’ve worked with professional actors who haven’t handled the long hours as well. We are really hoping that it will become an annual event.”

Pupils from each of the schools involved have also created art exhibitions to tie in with the performances.