Primary school children get the low-down on secondary life

A pilot scheme that gives primary school children a helping hand to secondary school could be rolled out across the borough.

Since June, pupils from Gascoigne Primary, Five Elms and Leys Primary have rerceived mentoring from members of The Vibe youth centre in Dagenham about the transition, which can be scary for some.

The sessions focused on enhancing the social and personal skills of the school leavers as they got ready for their big step into secondary school.

One pupil, Vinny Jones, said: “It helped by making us feel comfortable about people. I liked it.”

Another, Antonia Glencross, said: “It helped me to talk in class and helped me to calm down and not be scared about secondary school.”

Cllr John White, cabinet member for children’s services said: “The Transition to Secondary School pilot has been a success. The team of youth workers have worked steadily with the young people from each school to help them deal with fears of bullying, expectations and how to fit in with confidence at a time when many young people feel very challenged.”