Snow forces schools to close early

THOUSANDS of pupils were enjoying the snow today as the big freeze engulfed the capital.

More than 450 children at Monteagle Primary in Burnham Road, Dagenham, were given the day off as three-inch snowfalls stopped staff getting in.

Another 400 students at Thomas Arnold Primary in Rowdowns Road, Dagenham, were gearing up for snowfights this afternoon as their school planned to shut at 1.30pm.

The 1,280-pupil Jo Richardson Secondary in Gale Street, Dagenham, was also expected to close early at 3pm because of the icy Arctic blast.

Henry Green School caretaker Bob Allman said: “So many staff are in the sticks. They couldn’t get in but children can enjoy themselves building snowmen. Hopefully, we will reopen tomorrow.” Check regular updates on our website.