Study shows 43 schools could lose funding in Barking and Dagenham

Schools in Redbridge are set to loose �15million by 2019. Picture PA

Schools in Redbridge are set to loose �15million by 2019. Picture PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

More than 40 schools face funding cuts, according to research published today.

In Barking and Dagenham, 43 schools would lose out on funding while only ten would benefit, the report on government plans for a national funding formula for schools reveals.

The Education Policy Institute (EPI) study shows that across England, half of primary and secondary schools would face large cuts in funding per pupil of between 6-11 per cent by 2019-20.

Even though a greater share of funding is proposed to be allocated to disadvantaged pupils, the research finds that the overall impact of redistributing the schools budget results in shifting funding away from the most disadvantaged pupils towards what is considered the “just about managing” group.

MP Jon Cruddas, who represents Dagenham & Rainham, slammed the findings.

“How can it be right that the most deprived schools and areas lose out the most?” he asked.

“We have raised in Parliament the unique pressures on the school system here in the borough over the next few years, given the massive increase in the numbers on the school roll.

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“The government claimed to be listening but then we see this in terms of the implications of the changes to the funding formula, which will add to these unique pressures. We will be making sure our voice is heard in this debate.”

David Laws, executive chairman of the education policy institute, commented:

“A new funding formula is long overdue and given the clear and persistent attainment gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and the rest, the department is right to pursue a formula which targets a significant proportion of funding to disadvantaged pupils and those who need more support.

But he added: “As our analysis shows, however, the government may receive little credit from schools for these reforms – as even the schools benefiting from the new formula have their gains completely wiped out by other funding pressures.”

The consultation on the plans closes on Wednesday.

Click here to read the report.