Video: Dagenham teacher and pupil join forces to make maths revision YouTube films

Pat Nadesan and pupil Inam Islam

Pat Nadesan and pupil Inam Islam - Credit: Archant

An inspirational teacher and a camera savvy pupil are combining their talents to produce handy revision YouTube videos for pupils.

Pat Nadesan and pupil Inam Islam 16, filming one of the YouTube videos

Pat Nadesan and pupil Inam Islam 16, filming one of the YouTube videos - Credit: Archant

Dagenham Park School sixth-former, Inam Islam, came up with the idea of making short videos of his maths teacher, Pat Nadesan, explaining tips and techniques for those preparing for their GCSEs.

The plan soon turned into reality and the pair have already put together two short films, which Inam has uploaded on to Youtube and called Mr Nadesan TV. They hope to film another 66 over the next few weeks.

Iman, who is taking both maths and media studies at A-level, explained what inspired him to come up with the idea.

“Mr Nadesan was my teacher in Year 8 and I remember he really boosted my confidence and helped me understand maths better,” the 16-year-old said.

“But after that I had other teachers. When I got him again in Year 11 I was on a U grade, but within three months I was at the level of an A. He is that good.

“I thought it would be great if others could benefit from him too, so asked if he wanted me to film him showing pupils how to make maths easier and he said yes.”

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Mr Nadesan told the Post he had shown the videos to his form class and the response was very positive.

“They said they found them easy to understand, which is great,” he said. “People often decide that maths is very difficult but if it’s explained in the right way it doesn’t need to be.”

Asked if he is tempted to leave teaching behind, for a new career in front of the camera, Mr Nadesan smiled. “No, definitely not. I’m very happy in the classroom.”

The videos will be aimed at all GCSE levels.