Essex v Derbys - second day updates

Bad light stops play with Essex 29-0

Bad light stops play

Umpires offer the light, so Chopra and Gallian trudge off, good effort from those two to see out those 13 overs.

Its very doubtful they will come back on now, so I'm guessing that is going to be it from Chelmsford for today.

Essex 29-0

Chopra 16 Gallian 7

Clare carries on with his away swingers, but Chopra is equal to the task so far, and looking in good nick.

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Essex 28-0

Chopra 15 Gallian 7

Hunter has a half shout against Chopra, but it looks too high from up here.

Gallian is then almost drawn into a half hearted push from the last ball, but luckily just misses the edge.

Essex 27-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 7

Gallian breaks the shackles at last with a dreamy cover drive, the shot of the day, which isnt too hard considering the lack of cricket we've had to watch so far.

He almost nibbles at the next ball from Clare, but comfortable sees out the remaining delivery.

Essex 23-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 3

Hunter continues and the paceman is slightly off target with his first few deliveries, as a watchful Chopra leaves them be.

A good last ball forces the opener to defend, but he shows the full face and defend he does.

Essex 23-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 3

Gallian is still searching for his touch, as Clare sends another outswinger past his outside edge.

A well-run two doubles his score for the innings, and he sees the rest of the over out without alarm.

Essex 21-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 1

An excellent stop prevents Gallian's square cut getting through, and his search for a first run continues.

He is then beaten by another beauty from Hunter, who is looking dangerous now, but Gallian is finally off the mark, squirting the ball to fine leg.

Essex 20-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 0

Clare is getting the ball in the right areas too now, though a little short at times, but its still causing Chopra the odd problem.

Essex 20-0

Chopra 14 Gallian 0

Hunter is finally getting his line right here, pinning Gallian down, though the opener has got enough experience not to let it bother him.

The last ball is a snorter and beats Gallian, who did well not to get an edge.

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Essex 19-0

Chopra 13 Gallian 0

Jon Clare is into the attack with Lungley removed after two overs, and immediately beats Chopra with a beauty.

Chopra follows up with a lovely square drive for four and the Ilford man looks in good touch here.

Essex 12-0

Chopra 8 Gallian 0

Derby keeper Pipe is getting a decent workout here, as Hunter sprays one down the leg side, before another wayward delivery is wided on the offside.

Chopra steals the strike of the last ball with a single to leave Gallian still not off the mark yet.

Essex 10-0

Chopra 7 Gallian 0

Chopra plays a pleasing defensive shot straight down the ground for a couple, before Lungley gets some outraegous swing back into the right hander, albeit after the ball has passed the stumps.

Chopra gets another single, as Essex make a good start to this tricky little 20-over session.

Essex 6-0

Chopra 4 Gallian 0

Hunter is slightly off line here too, with a few that Gallian has to play at, a few too wide on the off side and then one down the leg too. A maiden nonetheless though.

Essex 6-0

Chopra 4 Gallian 0

Nice start for Chopra, as he smacks a full toss through the covers for four, before Lungley rather wastes the last few balls as there was no way the batsman was going to reach them.

So then, Gallian and Chopra make their way to the wicket, with Varun about to face Lungley first up.

Derbys 326 all out

WICKET - Hunter b Wright 2

Wright has Hunter fencing outside the off again, the number 11 really doesnt look comfortable with the bat in his hands.

And the paceman breaks through finally, with a cracker that sends off stump skittling!

Derbys 325-9

Wagg 23 Hunter 2

Masters on too, and straight away gets one past Wagg's edge, but the rest of the over is seen out, and Wagg even nicks the strike too.

Derbys 324-9

Wagg 22 Hunter 2

Good final two balls from Wright, who beats Hunter straight away outside off stump and then almost has him leg before next up.

And we're back on, with Wright to finish his over, bowling to Hunter, who looked nervous during the day.

4.40: Right then, the game is going to be back on at 5pm with 26 overs left in the day.

So, if you have stuck around waiting for some cricket to view, then you will be rewarded!

4.25: Most of the covers are now well and truly off, so with any luck, there should be some play soon.

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3.45: Hang on, there is some movement now on the pitch, with some of the covers being removed, so we could have some play soon!

3.30: I don't think theres going to be any play now, it will take at least an hour to clear the outfield and covers, and with the skies looking as gloomy as they have done all day, you get the feel, thats it for todays play!

2: Not looking good now as there are more covers on the pitch, no official word on what the likelihood of play is yet though.

1.15: Its lunch here now, but the bad news is the rain is starting to hammer down here.

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12.41: More covers coming on the pitch now, so the immediate outlook isn't too good.

Derbys 324-9

Wagg 24 Hunter 2

Wagg continues his busy innings, nabbing another single of the impressive Wright, who then convincingly beats the retreating Hunter outside off.

Thats the last action for the moment though, with the players leaving the field again.

Derbys 321-9

Wagg 23 Lungley 2

Masters continues to plug away outside off stump, but Hunter shows a touch more discipline against the seamer, with a thick edge bringing him his first runs of the day.

Derbys 318-9

Wagg 22 Hunter 0

Fine over from Wright that, and his first ball to Hunter almost gets the number 11, but his nervous defensive shoots in the air and falls just short of the fielder.

WICKET Lungley 0 b Wright

That came from nowhere, with Wright sending noball bouncer over Fosters head for four.

He comes back well with a ball that strikes Lungley in the unmentionables, before swinging one back to remove his offstump.

Derbys 312-8

Wagg 22 Lungley 0

Wagg is looking very circumspect out there, showing Masters every respect, as the seamer continues to bowl a good line and length.

One ball jags back into the batsman, but the last one is easily avoided as Masters completes a maiden over.

Derbys 312-8

Wagg 22 Lungley 0

Wright is back into a good rhythm here, though it does apear that Lungley appears to have no interest in actually using his bat!

He does finally make contact with one delivery, but its pretty slow going stuff out there at the moment.

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Derbys 311-8

Wagg 19 Lungley 0

Wagg steals two of the first ball of Masters next over, before the bowler beats him outside the offstump immediately afterwards.

Another legbye follows, before Lungley competently leaves the final three balls of the over.

Derbys 308-8

Wagg 19 Lungley 0

Wright is on the button straight away and immediately beats Wagg outside his off stump, while the remainder of the over is on the money, until Wagg nicks a single off the last ball.

Derbys 307-8

Clare c Foster b Masters 2

Masters opens up and immediately needs some sawdust down in his run up. Wagg gets the scoring underway with a single, but then Masters gets his man as Clare feathers an edge to Foster.

11.35am: Play is due to start at 11.45am here, after there was some early morning rain, but Derby are going to resume on 307-6.

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