Essex v Glamorgan LIVE UPDATES

Essex start the final session on 38-2 hoping to avoid an innings defeat against Glamorgan


Essex 133-4

Amla 44 Foster 26

Some lovely shots from Foster in the last over of the day, a crunching square cut followed by a glorious straight drive.

Glam will obviously start the last day as firm favourites, but as Amla has proven, he wont be giving his wicket away cheaply!

Essex 111-4

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Amla 38 Foster 12

Tight probing over from Croft there, and its now back for Kruger to have a go at Amla.

Essex 111-4

Amla 38 Foster 12

Kruger back on now for Harrison and Amla nudges him for two off his hip, while another firm push through the covers brings another brace.

Essex 107-4

Amla 33 Foster 11

Singles again for Foster and Amla as Croft races through another over.

Essex 105-4

Amla 33 Foster 11

Lovely shot from Foster brings him three through midwicket, and the 100 up too, which brings a touch of applause from the Chelmsford faithful.

Amla then pulls a four too in a rare show of aggression and moves into the 30s with that boundary.

Essex 98-4

Amla 29 Foster 7

Four byes race away to bring up a rare boundary, before normal service resumes and Foster blocks the remainder of the over out.

Essex 93-4

Amla 29 Foster 7

A single from Foster as he nudges Harrison to fine leg, before Amla continues his mission to block everything that comes his way.

If he can be here tomorrow evening though, no-one will be complaining!

Essex 92-4

Amla 29 Foster 6

Amla again sees out Crofts over, he is in for the evening now.

Essex 90-4

Amla 28 Foster 5

Two lots of doubles from Foster, he will be desperate to make up for his efforts earlier on today now.

Essex 86-4

Amla 28 Foster 1

Fozzie is off the mark now, making sure he didnt get a golden duck twice in a day.

Thats 14-wickets that Essex have lost today, and the pitch definitely isnt to blame.

WICKET - Pettini c Dalrymple b Croft 21

The captain has gone now, caught at backward short leg, though there is still some doubt whether he hit it, but the umpire raised the finger and he has to go.

Essex 85-3

Amla 28 Pettini 21

Amla doesnt look like he wants to be removed here, deadbatting anything that comes near him.

14 overs remaining this evening now, and these two will want to be walking off together at the end.

Essex 84-3

Amla 28 Pettini 21

Both batsman continue to trade singles as the action is slightly attritional at the moment.

Essex 81-3

Amla 27 Pettini 19

Shantry to continue and he beats Amla outside the off stump with a well-pitched up delivery, but the SA batsman keeps out the rest of the over.

Essex 81-3

Amla 27 Pettini 19

Drinks here now, as both batsmen continue to exchange the odd single.

Essex 79-3

Amla 25 Pettini 18

More of the same from Shantry, as both batsman seem to want to survive the 17 remaining overs this evening.

Essex 78-3

Amla 26 Pettini 17

Croft getting milked slightly here, as both batsmen are happy to nurdle to fine leg

Essex 75-3

Amla 24 Pettini 15

Shantry gets through another maiden here as Amla is keeping it very tight right now.

Essex 75-3

Amla 24 Pettini 15

Pettini looks like he might have been dropped at fine leg there from Crofts bowling - but it could have been that he didnt get a touch at all, you just cant tell from up here!

Essex 75-3

Amla 24 Pettini 15

Another beautiful drive from Pettini sees him pick up four through extra cover. Hes looking good out there at the moment, but can he go on?

Essex 70-3

Amla 24 Pettini 11

Good sweep from Pettini there, hes not letting Croft get into a rhythm here.

Essex 69-3

Amla 23 Pettini 10

Pettini is not reining in his attacking intent here as he hooks Harris for another bounday to move into double figures.

Essex 63-3

Amla 22 Pettini 6

BANG - Pettini tonks a six over mid-wicket, glorious shot from the skipper and a rare attacking one by the Essex batsman.

Essex 56-3

Amla 21 Pettini 0

Its looking increasingly difficult to see Essex getting anywhere near saving this match now as Pettini comes in.

These two have to bat to at least tomorrow afternoon for them to have any real chance!

WICKET - Walker c Wallace b Harris 15

Good ball from Harris there, and Walker feathers an edge through to Wallace.

Very good from Amla there, backing away and cutting Croft for a deft four

Essex 50-2

Amla 17 Walker 14

Harris has a nice line going here to Amla, but its a touch wide to make him play, though they do scamper a single.

Essex 48-2

Amla 15 Walker 14

Amla has started well here, square driving a four, while Walker continues to pick up his ones and twos at the other end.

Essex 38-2

Amla 11 Walker 10

Amla works Croft away for another single as does Walker as both sides slope off for tea.

Essex 36-2

Amla 10 Walker 9

Big shout there against Walker as Shantry raps him on the pad and although the umpire's hands twitched, he survives.

Essex 36-2

Amla 10 Walker 9

Croft back on now and Amla gets a lucky two off the edge as the spinner keeps it tight.

Essex 34-2

Amla 8 Walker 9

Just the three singles from that over as Shantry keeps it tight, nothing too risky being tried by the batsmen here, with tea coming at some stage!

Essex 31-2

Amla 6 Walker 9

Uppish from Walker there, but it splits the cover fielders and runs away for two. Harrison is bang on target after that and Walker covers up solidly.

Essex 28-2

Amla 5 Walker 7

Two for Walker through midwicket, before he presents the full face of the bat to Shantry after that.

Essex 26-2

Amla 5 Walker 5

That over from Harrison flies past as Amla leaves everything he can outside off, should be tea in a minute by my reckoning.

Essex 26-2

Amla 5 Walker 5

Walker looks abit uncomfortable at the crease here, but he does caress Shantry through the covers for a lovely boundary.

Essex 22-2

Amla 5 Walker 1

Walker off the mark for the second time today, while Amla's bat is sounding sweet here as he sees out the rest of the over.

Essex 21-2

Amla 5 Walker 0

Classy that from Amla, stroking Shantry for four to square leg - we've seen most batsmen come in and get started today though, its just a case of continuing!

Essex 17-2

Amla 1 Walker 0

This is starting to look a little embarrassing for Essex now, as they have lost 12 wickets today, despite the pitch playing well and the Glam attack really not looking all that threatening.

WICKET - Chopra lbw Harrison 8

Oh dear - Chopra plays forward to Harrison and is rapped on the pad, before he is sent back by the umpires finger.

WICKET - Maunders c Gibbs b Harrison 8

Quite a stunning catch there from Gibbs as he flies to pouch Maunders in the gully, not the start that Essex were after at all.

Now its Maunders turn, as he cuts Harrison for four through the covers.

Essex 12-0

Chopra 8 Maunders 4

Real quality from Chopra there, driving Harris to the boundary, he will need plenty more of that though.

He does also crash a cut to the fence too, so a good over for Essex there.

Essex 4-0

Chopra 0 Maunders 4

Maunders off the mark with an edge through the slips for four, all along the ground though so no alarms.

Essex 0-0

Chopra 0 Maunders 0

Chopra sees out the first over without too much alarm - its a long ask to see this day out without any wickets falling though.

Not surprisingly, Essex are back in the middle now, with Glam having enforced the follow on.

WICKET - Wright c Rees b Croft 1

200 all out

Slighty bizarre end to the innings as Wright tries to sweep Croft, but only ends up knocking the ball into the hands of short leg.

The umpire doesnt put his finger up, but Wright just trudges off, the end of a pretty poor effort from Essex.

Expect them to be following on again pretty soon.

Essex 200-9

Middlebrook 15 Wright 1

Wright steals a single first up, but he has to hurry as Harris sends the stumps cartwheeling with a throw from midwicket.

WICKET - Masters c Dalrymple b Kruger 33

Kruger gets his man though as Masters edges away slightly and edges the ball to second slip, where Dalrymple holds on to a smart chance.

Good contest between Kruger and Masters here, as Masters tries to launch him through the covers, but misses.

Essex 199-8

Middlebrook 15 Masters 33

Lovely little sweep from Masters though, showing a certain KP how to play the shot, before he coolly advances down the pitch to stroke a single.

Seriously good batting.

Essex 196-8

Middlebrook 15 Masters 30

Kruger is back on now and almost takes Masters face off with a brute that is fenced just wide of gully.

The last ball is another steepling bouncer, but well played by Middlebrook.

Essex 195-8

Middlebrook 15 Masters 29

Agricultural there from Masters, as he puts a drive through midwicket from two and then Middlebrook climbs into a short ball to cut a glorious four.

Four legbyes follow as these two put the 50-partnership up and embarrass some of the batsmen that came before them.

Essex 184-8

Middlebrook 11 Masters 26

Masters and Middlebrook exchange singles off Croft, who bowls off about two paces now.

Some turn and bounce beats everyone for two byes, but apart from that hes slightly short most of the time.

Time for Robert Croft now to bowl his spinners

Essex 180-8

Middlebrook 10 Masters 25

Another cheeky single from Middlebrook there, but apart from that, Harrison looked tight enough, without ever really threatening.

Essex 179-8

Middlebrook 9 Masters 25

Masters is looking to get on top of the bowlers here, but one cut bounces just short of the lurking point fielder.

The next ball does find the boundary though, as Masters flays one through gully. It gets better when Masters smacks another for a four, hes motoring now!

Essex 171-8

Middlebrook 9 Masters 17

Harrison rattles through his over there, finishing with a bouncer that is rather wasted on Middlebrook.

Essex 171-8

Middlebrook 9 Masters 17

Masters is starting to fill his boots now, another dreamy drive goes to the boundary - and he is starting to look right at home now.

Shantry back now after his mammoth spell earlier today

Essex 167-8

Middlebrook 9 Masters 13

Middlebrook gets a bit cocky and misses with a waft outside off, while Harrison keeps it tight for the rest of the over, until the last ball slips out and races away for four byes.

Essex 163-8

Middlebrook 9 Masters 13

Nice paddle hook from Middlebrook gives him another single. Masters then pulls off the shot of the day, on-driving Harris for four, a sumptuous strike.

Essex 158-8

Middlebrook 8 Masters 9

Middlebrook plays a pleasant-looking shot off the back foor for three, as these two show just how easy this pitch is to bat on.

Having said that, Glamorgan will probably strike again soon, its been that sort of day for them!

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Essex 155-8

Middlebrook 5 Masters 9

Masters timing looks a little off here and he is really just standing and delivering.

He does then play a glorious cover drive for four to break the shackles and Essex move past the 150-mark, and follows that up with a back foot punch that races to the boundary.

Big let off the ball after though as Powell grasses a chance in the slips, which wasnt the hardest catch in the world.

Essex 147-8

Middlebrook 5 Masters 1

Harrison immediately beats Masters outside off, but the bowler then drives through the covers for a single. Middlebrook missed with a hook soon after, but hes still there.

Harrison is on for Kruger now

Essex 145-8

Middlebrook 4 Masters 0

Harris is on a good length here as Masters fences and misses outside offstump. The last ball is directed towards the tailenders gloves and thats a nasty blow, but he survives.

WICKET - RTD c Wallace b Harris 26

Catastrophe for Essex as RTD tries to hook a wild delivery and only managed to get an edge through to Wallace.

A poor shot, when Essex needed so much more from him today.

More good running from the batsmen here as they find the gaps to keep rotating the strike.

Its going to take a lot more of that if they dont want to be batting again this afternoon though.

Essex 140-7

ten Doeschate 24 Middlebrook 1

RTD is looking busy at the crease here and works another two to midwicket, before a risky run that almost sees Middlebrook run out.

The spinner plays and misses extravagantly outside off next up, but its just past his edge.

Essex 137-7

ten Doeschate 21 Middlebrook 1

Thats better from RTD as he cuts Kruger through the covers for four and then drills him through midwicket for another boundary.

The last ball sees him pick up five as a single to midwicket is comically overthrown to the bounday by Harris!

Essex 122-7

ten Doeschate 8 Middlebrook 1

Bizarre end to Harris' first over back as a bouncer is ducked by RTD, but the ball hits the top of the bat and falls inches out of reach of short leg, bit of a let-off there for Essex.

Players are back after lunch, so here we go.

Essex 121-7

ten Doeschate 5 Middlebrook 1

RTD continues to look secure against Kruger, working him away off his legs for another single, and that as they say, is lunch.

Essex 120-7

ten Doeschate 6 Middlebrook 1

Harrison is shaping the ball away from RTDs off stump, but not enough to make him play.

The Dutchman does steal a single to the covers though, and there is time for one more before lunch.

Shantrys mammoth spell is finally over now and Harrison takes his place at the far end

Essex 119-7

ten Doeschate 5 Middlebrook 1

Maiden over from Kruger there, as Middlebrook leaves everything he can outside off stump.

Essex 119-7

ten Doeschate 5 Middlebrook 1

Shantry has continued his lengthy spell and beats Middlebrook straight away, but the spinner is off the mark with a single.

WICKET - Napier c Harris b Shantry 13

What a catch from Harris at third slip there, diving full length to catch Napier one-handed!

Thats five for Shantry now, but not what Essex needed before lunch.

Essex 115-6

Napier 13 ten Doeschate 2

No ball from Kruger there before Wallace lets through four byes with some pretty ordinary keeping.

Napier then plants one through midwicket for four and he is looking more comfortable by the ball here.

Essex 104-6

Napier 9 ten Doeschate 2

Kruger indulges in some comedy fielding as the Essex batsmen scamper two, while Shantry strays onto the pads and gets worked away for another.

Napier then prods another through the covers for two as Essex past the 100-mark.

Essex 98-6

Napier 4 ten Doeschate 1

RTD edges one just short of second slip as Kruger gets some good bounce, but the over passes by without anything untoward.

Kruger is back now, replacing Harris

Essex 98-6

Napier 4 ten Doeschate 1

RTD survjves the hat-trick ball before Wallace shows some lovely hands to collect and attempt a stumping, but Napier is in his crease.

With lunch in half an hour, Essex will be desperate not to lose another wicket now!

Essex 97-6

Napier 4 ten Doeschate 0

No problems for Napier there as he slams Harris through the covers for four. The seamer then sends down a few bouncers to Napier, but those are safely negotiated.

WICKET - Maunders lbw Harris 35

And thats another one gone, three in three balls for the visitors now, and Essex have gone from comfortable to in ruins.

WICKET - Foster c Dalrymple b Shantry 0

First ball and Foster is trudging back to the pavilion after edging to second slip, this is going from bad to worse here.

WICKET - Pettini c Wallace b Shantry 10

Uh oh, after just glancing another boundary, Pettini plays forward to Shantry and edges through to Wallace standing up behind the stumps.

Big trouble for Essex now!

Essex 89-3

Maunders 35 Pettini 6

Harris rips one past Pettini's defences, but the captain then slices a backfoot drive through point for three to alleviate some of the pressure.

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Essex 86-3

Maunders 35 Pettini 3

Shantry continues his spell from the top and is on the button to Maunders yet again, Essex are dealing in singles at the moment here as Glamorgan continue to assert the pressure.

Essex 85-3

Maunders 35 Pettini 2

Big shout for lbw against Pettini but he survives and then races through for another single. Maunders sees out the rest of the over without concern though.

Essex 84-3

Maunders 35 Pettini 1

Pettini off the mark with a single, but in glorious sunshine, Essex are making a bit of a pigsear of this chase at the moment.

WICKET - Walker c Wallace b Shantry 4

Walker plays a lovely cover drive for four, but next ball up he wafts outside his off stump and is caught behind by a tumbling Wallace.

Essex in a bit of trouble here now.

Big inside edge from Amla there, but it was a very out of character shot after he had looked so patient up until that point.

WICKET - Amla b Harris 4

Amla is showing the straightest of bats here to Harris, but he then plays a shocking shot and is bowled all over the place!

Essex 76-1

Maunders 32 Amla 4

Wallace the keeper now stands up to Shantry, so the bowler decides to bowl at leg stump and Maunders glances another boundary.

The bowler regains his line after that though and keeps the batsman honest for the last five balls.

Essex 72-1

Maunders 28 Amla 4

Maunders finally breaks the shackles with a pleasing drive through the covers for two and then flips another single down to square leg too.

The opener is looking in good nick here, as Essex are solidly making inroads to their follow on target.

Essex 69-1

Maunders 25 Amla 4

Maunders is also playing the leaving game here, as Shantry plys a line outside off stump, until the left hander dinks another single from the last ball.

Essex 68-1

Maunders 24 Amla 4

Amla plays out a maiden from Harris there, very solid defence from the SA batsman there.

Essex 68-1

Maunders 24 Amla 4

Maunders is a bit fortunate there as he edges through the slips, while he then plays and miss at another excellent delivery outside off from Shantry.

Amla also gets another three from midwicket, and thats a profitable over for Essex there.

Essex 61-1

Maunders 20 Amla 1

Well wide from Harris there, and Essex pick up two byes, before Amla is off the mark, dropping a quick single into the offside.

James Harris is the first change of the morning now, replacing Garnett Kruger

Essex 58-1

Maunders 20 Amla 0

Maunders looks well adapt at anything on his legs, tickling another Shantry ball down for his first four of the day.

The Glamorgan paceman then rips one past his defences next ball though, but Maunders doesnt connect, and survives the over.

Essex 54-1

Maunders 16 Amla 0

Kruger is working up a good pace to Amla here, but the SA batsman leaves well along outside off stump whenever he can.

A good ball from Shantry there, but Chopra may well have been slightly over confident after that four the previous ball.

Anyway, Hashim Amla is now at the crease for his first innings in Essex colours.

WICKET Chopra b Shantry - 31

A well-run two from Chopra there, but the ball wasn't too far away from short leg and the opener then square drives the first boundary of the day through point.

Chopra doesnt last too much longer though, as Shantry gets one through his defences to clean bowl him!

Essex 46-0

Chopra 25 Maunders 15

Kruger is serving up a mixed bag here, some that are too wide away from the off stump, while the others are mainly on the legs, and Maunders clips him away for another single.

Its looking quite comfortable for the hosts at the moment.

Essex 44-0

Chopra 25 Maunders 13

Shantry slides one down the leg side and it races away for four byes. Its all a bit leg side from the seamer at the moment as Maunders tucks him away for another single to fine leg.

Chopra then races through for a quick single to end the over.

Essex 38-0

Chopra 24 Maunders 12

The gigantic Kruger opens up from the other end and Maunders tucks him away for a couple of runs and another single, a quiet start here at Chelmsford.

Essex 35-0

Chopra 24 Maunders 9

Shantry opens up with some left arm seam, but Maunders easily sees off the first few deliveries, before clipping one down to long leg to start the scoring for the day.

10.50: Right then, the covers are off and the stumps are in, its slightly overcast out there, but the weather should be good enough for a full days cricket.

Only really two results look likely in this match now, either it will peter out into a draw, or Glamorgan will take 20 wickets and bowl Essex out twice.

Play will be underway in 10 minutes, so join me then for all the action.

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There will be live updates from the Ford County Ground for day three of Essex's clash with Glamorgan, starting at 11am this morning.

The hosts will resume on 34-0, with Varun Chopra and John Maunders unbeaten at the crease, after their Welsh opponents racked up 515-9.

There should be a batting debut for South African Test start Hashim Amla, and if you would like to get in touch anytime during the day, email