Essex v Kent live updates

Kent end the day on 54-1 after being forced to follow on by Essex

And there we have it, a very good day for Essex who must be firm favourites in this match as long as they can take wickets regularly tomorrow.

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Kent 54-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 14

Jones has some luck there as his edge goes through the slip cordon and down to the boundary.

After that though, he is solid in defence and sees the rest of the over out in defensive fashion.

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I make that six overs without a run now!

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

How close what that? RTD slants a ball back into Tredwell who leaves it yet again, but this time its a whisker away from offstump.

The rest of the over is played out quietly though and we are now into the last over.

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

Jones almost breaks the shackles, but his cut is stopped at point.

Kaneria then has another loud shout, but its met with a shake of the head, as has all bar one of his appeals today!

Two overs left now.

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

Close yet again there from RTD as he induces a waft from Tredwell, but there is no contact.

The rest of the over mainly thuds into Fosters gloves as Tredwell is adept at letting anything off target go.

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

Jones is doing an effective job of smothering Kaneria's spin here, though the Pakistani did have one shout against him, turned down again.

Four overs to go today now, so Essex will be all out to put themselves firmlu in the driving seat with another wicket.

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

RTD beats the outside edge first up and then has another one past Tredwells bat, but this was too high to worry him.

Another delivery just shaves the edge of Tredwells bat too as RTD is on the money in this over.

Kent 50-1

Tredwell 15 Jones 10

Lovely square drive from Jones brings him three and Tredwell pinches another single, while Kaneria has another loud appeal, but thats been turned down too.

Kent 45-1

Tredwell 14 Jones 8

On target stuff from RTD there as Jones nicks one single, before Tredwell continues his vigil. Time for some more Kaneria now.

Kent 44-1

Tredwell 14 Jones 7

Tidy over from Kaneria there as both batsmen exchange a few singles, and its time for RTD at the other end now.

Kent 41-1

Tredwell 14 Jones 5

Wright feeds Jones cut shot a few times, but he cant pierce the field and Pettini now turns to the wily Kaneria for a few overs before close.

Kent 40-1

Tredwell 13 Jones 5

Another cracking delivery from Masters there cuts Jones in half and Foster takes a good tumbling catch, but the appeal is turned down.

Jones then throws caution to the wind and a big edge gains him four to third man.

Kent 36-1

Tredwell 13 Jones 1

Good over that from Wright as he snares Denley and then makes Jones play on every occasion.

Essex are in a fine position now and a few more wickets before the close could make it even better!

WICKET - Denley c sub (Phillips) b Wright

Excellent catch there from Phillips to get rid of Denley there, that was travelling and he pouched that with both hands diving away to his left.

Kent 33-0

Denley 19 Tredwell 13

Big shout from Masters after that ball thudded into Tredwells pads, but it looked too high from this end.

Kent 31-0

Denley 18 Tredwell 12

Wright drops short and Denley smacks him to the boundary, he is looking far better second time out than this morning.

A glorious straight drive is next up for another four as he eases to 18 not out.

Kent 23-0

Denley 10 Tredwell 12

Apologies for the slight delay there, but Kent are making a decent fist of their reply with Denley unfurling a beautiful cover drive and Tredwell punching some nice shots off the back foot.

Kent 2-0

Denley 1 Tredwell 0

Denley gets off the mark this time with a push to cover, while Tredwell continues his leaving tactics from earlier in the day.

Masters is opening to Denley now, who will want to avoid his second duck of the day.

Essex have enforced the follow on too

WICKET - Parnell c Masters b Wright 69

Wright gets the final wicket just after tea as a short ball has Parnell in some trouble and his top edged hook is well taken by Masters at fineleg.

Will Essex enforce the follow on now is the question.

Wright is back into the attack now and immediately has both Saggers and Parnell in trouble with short balls.

Parnell pulls him to the boundary to relieve the pressure but is then out!

We're back out again now

The super slo mo has come up in the press box now and it proves that van Jaarsveld was in fact out for the runout, so a fine decision by the umpire there.

TEA Kent 198-9

Parnell 65 Saggers 4

Saggers gets in on the fun here as he thwacks Kaneria over the covers for two and then handsomely drives another single.

And that is tea at Chelmsford, if you would like to get in touch during the break, its

Kent 194-9

Parnell 64 Saggers 1

A slightly wasted over there from RTD as nothing really troubles the batsmen. Last over before tea now and its Kaneria to try and nab the last wicket.

Kent 193-9

Parnell 63 Saggers 1

Another solid blow from Parnell brings another four and he gets another single by dropping one just short of long leg.

The follow on target is creeping ever closer now for the visitors.

Kent 188-9

Parnell 58 Saggers 1

RTD is back and has a big shout against Saggers turned down and the number 11 shows a straight back to the rest of the over.

Kent 188-9

Parnell 58 Saggers 1

Parnell brings up his 50 with a stunning six with the straightest of bats, thats a seriously good knock from the youngster.

He then repeats the strike over long leg this time, some lovely clean hitting there.

Kent 176-9

Parnell 46 Saggers 1

Parnell pumps RTD back over his head for four and then a delicate glance brings another run for the total.

Hes monopolising the strike now and is back against Kaneria for the next over.

ten Doeschate is back on in place of Chambers now

Kent 170-9

Parnell 41 Saggers 1

Kaneria has another shout turned down as he carries on trying to bamboozle Saggers.

The over is played out without much alarm though.

Kent 168-9

Parnell 40 Saggers 1

Parnell is starting to throw the bat now and almost perishes but Chopra cant cling onto a difficult chance at backward point.

He turns down a number of singles to keep Saggers off strike but then snatches a single off the last ball of the over.

WICKET - Joseph c sub (Phillips) b Chambers 1

Good reward for Chambers there as he digs one in and it catches the shoulder of Josephs bat and loops up where Phillips takes a very good catch diving forward from third slip.

He had to make up some ground there, and it was a top effort.

Parnell gets a rush of blood and tries to heave Chambers out of the park, before they scamper another two.

Kent 156-8

Parnell 30 Joseph 1

Another fine appeal by Kaneria as Parnell sweeps, but its turned down.

Its all fairly simple for the rest of the over as Joseph survives comfortably.

Kent 155-8

Parnell 29 Joseph 1

What a shot that was!

Parnell absolutely leathers Chambers through the covers, real stand and deliver stuff that.

Essex think they have Joseph then when Cook snaffles him at slip of a steepling ball, but the umpire rules its off his shoulder.

Kent 148-8

Parnell 23 Joseph 1

Kaneria keeps it tight with a maiden over which includes one ball where he appeals for lbw and caught in the same breath. Needless to say, its turned down...

Kent 148-8

Parnell 23 Joseph 1

Parnell cracks Chambers through the cover in another pleasing strike, but a few more like that will be needed.

The batsman then plays a wonderful chip over the slips for four more and is looking the part right now.

He then makes it three fours for the over with a guide through the gully region.

Kent 136-8

Parnell 11 Joseph 1

Kaneria is competently seen out by Joseph in that over, meaning the spinner is denied a hat-trick.

Kent 135-8

Parnell 11 Joseph 0

New batsman Joseph doesnt look too confident facing Chambers and pushes one rather uppishly to get off the mark.

Time for Kaneria again now, will he get that hat-trick!

Chambers back on now

WICKET - Jones lbw Kaneria 0

First baller for Jones as he is given out somewhat dubiously and trudges off looking at his bat.

He'll be furious with himself there Hockley. After hitting two excellent fours, he went for another big shot and was bowled. No foot movement and thats a poor way to go.

WICKET - Hockley b Kaneria 46

To his credit, Hockley is showing no signs of worry after running van Jaarsveld out, as Kaneria pitches on his legs and is driven through midwicket for four.

Two balls later and he is going over the top again for a lovely boundary, top batting that.

Until he loses his head...

Kent 122-6

Hockley 38 Parnell 10

Parnell is no mug with the bat, cracking RTD over midwicket first ball. a good response by the bowler though, cramping him for room next up and then beating a rather limp cut shot.

Kent 122-6

Hockley 38 Parnell 6

Back to Kaneria now and he has an ambitious shout first ball, but Hockley powers the next delivery to the long on boundary.

The pair then steal more runs from the next few balls as the over goes for eight runs.

Kent 114-6

Hockley 31 Parnell 5

RTD strays with a noball and is glanced to the fineleg for a boundary before a lovely full length ball is somehow squeezed for four via the inside edge by Hockley, how that missed the stumps I dont know.

Kent 103-6

Hockley 22 Parnell 5

A full toss brings Parnell on strike and he tries to smash Kaneria out of the ground, but misses.

He is more circumspect afterwards although does then unleash a lovely pick up through midwicket for four.

Kent 98-6

Hockley 21 Parnell 1

Steady stuff from RTD, but slightly too wide of the off stump as new man Parnell can easily let most of the deliveries go through to Foster.

Kent 98-6

Hockley 21 Parnell 1

Oooh, another chance goes begging, but this is far harder as Hockley plays Kaneria to short leg where Mickleburgh fails to hold on.

Would have been some catch had it stuck, while new batsman Parnell is off the mark straight away.

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WICKET - van Jaarsveld run out 35

What a filip for the home side as Hockley pushes to cover and sets off, but Chopra steals in to hit leg stump.

Watching the replay again, it appears the batsman had just made his ground, but he's gone, and Essex will fancy their chances of wrapping this up soon!

Two full bungers from RTD are not put away by Hockley, who sees the next ball almost creep under his bat.

An attemped yorker is then played away nicely for two before Chopra strikes!

Kent 94-5

van Jaarsveld 35 Hockley 18

Tidy over from Kaneria including one cracking ball last up which takes the edge of Hockley, but goes away for a single.

It's ten Doeschate from the other end now.

Jaya will be happy now too as the Daredevils have romped home by 6 wkts over in the IPL!

Kent 93-5

van Jaarsveld 35 Hockley 17

van Jaarsveld carries on, cutting Wright powerfully through the gully, but now its the return of Kaneria and we shall see what the spinner can do!

Kent 87-5

van Jaarsveld 29 Hockley 17

Another over passes by, and there have been no real moments of danger for the batsmen. Its turning into a slightly easier ride out there now, so Essex will want to grab some more wickets before tea.

Kent 85-5

van Jaarsveld 28 Hockley 16

van Jaarsveld pulls Wright for two, though the next shot is much better as its arrowed through midwicket for four.

That should definitely be it for Wright now.

Kent 79-5

van Jaarsveld 22 Hockley 16

Hockley is starting to look a very decent player now, with another lovely drive bringing him two. Nothing too threatening from ten Doeschate there though and Wright carries on at the other end.

Dagenham Sid answers an earlier point by Jaya to say Vaughan is the better captain

ten Doeschate back on now, still no sign of Kaneria though.

Kent 76-5

van Jaarsveld 21 Hockley 14

Hockley breaks free the shackles with three fours off Wrights over.

The first is by far the shot of the day, straight driving through the covers, while the next is cut uppishly through gully, before the last is driven again.

Maybe Wright will have a blow now.

Kent 61-5

van Jaarsveld 21 Hockley 1

Ouch, Wright hits Hockley on the shoulder with a painful blow, but its another noball and the batsman gets off the mark with a one to cover.

Kent 60-5

van Jaarsveld 21 Hockley 0

Another good over from Masters and he beats van Jaarsveld at the end again, he could have had a hatful of wickets today.

Kent 60-5

van Jaarsveld 21 Hockley 0

Wright is back on in place of Chambers now and already fired one past van Jaarsveld's edge, similar to the ball that got Jones out this morning.

Another noball costs Essex another two runs, but they are still well on top here and a lot of this innings rests on van Jaarsveld now.

Jaya Leal asks an interesting question. Sachin Tendulkar or Michael Vaughan, which golden oldie would you have in your team?

I think it has to be said, it would be young Sachin every time!

WICKET - Kemp c Foster b Masters 3

And thats a deserved wicket for Masters there, just scrapes the outside edge of Kemp's bat and Foster takes a lovely catch diving forward and away from him. If you get what I mean!

Kent 57-4

van Jaarsveld 20 Kemp 3

Just a single to Kemp from Chambers over, as most of it is outside the offstump and not interesting the batsman.

Kent 56-4

van Jaarsveld 20 Kemp 2

Masters whizzes through another economic over with his usual accuracy.

Jaya Leal adds Come on you Daredevils!!!

They're not doing too badly Jaya, 70-3 from 10 overs chasing the Deccan Chargers 148-9!

Steak and Chips has been on again

Any chance we could hang on to a couple please?

That would be nice, as Cook's drop was really pretty bad.

Kent 54-4

van Jaarsveld 20 Kemp 1

End of a fine over from Chambers there as he beats Kemp straight away before the batsman gets off the mark with a pull to fineleg.

WICKET - Stevens lbw Chambers

Stevens reprieve doesnt last for too long as Chambers gets one to come back in and the umpire does the rest.

Kent 54-3

van Jaarsveld 20 Stevens 15

What a drop.

Masters finds the edge of Stevens with a lovely ball, but Cook shells a dolly at first slip, straight in and straight out.

Harsh on Masters that as he deserves another wicket. He comes close again as an edge again falls well short of third slip and to make matters worse the next ball is then edged to the bounday, albeit all along the ground this time.

Kent 45-3

van Jaarsveld 22 Stevens 10

Chambers starts with an excellent shout against van Jaarsveld, but its turned down.

The next delivery is a noball that van Jaarsveld pulls up rather than out and gets two for his efforts.

He has got something about him though as another ball finds the edge of van Jaarsveld's bat, but drops just in front of sub Phillips at third slip.

Kent 45-3

van Jaarsveld 18 Stevens 10

Masters is proving very hard to get away here as just a single is pinched from the over, leaving it open for Chambers to run in hard from the other end.

Kent 44-3

van Jaarsveld 17 Stevens 10

Chambers drifts onto Stevens legs and its clipped away for a pleasing boundary, the rest of the over is line and length though with the Kent batsman able to leave most of it alone.

Its Chambers to continue

Kent 40-3

van Jaarsveld 17 Stevens 6

Masters beats van Jaarsveld first up, before the batsmen edges to third man for four.

They are streaming in now as Jaya Leal says

Hatton or Pacquiao.. your thoughts for the weekend?

Im going to go for Hatton, but only because I read an interview in the News of the World where he told me to put my mortgage on him winning. He had best win though as I quite like having a roof over my head!

Rob Newton has been back in touch

Thank you and i look forward to receiving your autograph.

Have you heard this joke - its a week old now but Liverpool are about to form the new musketeers. One 4-1 and two four-alls.

Although he didn't get his ton; a 99 and two catches from Fozzie is not bad work at all. When will that England call come?

Very witty there Mr Newton.

About Foster, it seems that he is pretty far down the pecking order these days, as Prior and Ambrose are ahead of him.

Essex wont mind keeping hold of him a while longer though!

The players are back out there now, and its Masters on against van Jaarsveld.

Steak and chips has been in touch to ask.

Seems odd putting tredwell in to open?

Should RTD have taken that catch?

With Key captaining the Lions then Tredwell was pushed up order, but his ploy of leaving absolutely everything did become quite tiresome towards the end!

RTD did get both hands to the ball, and although it was a full length dive, he would have back himself to take the catch.

Well, that was a fine session for Essex there and they will definitely be lunching better than Kent after removing three wickets.

Join me again in 40 minutes, but if you have anything you would like to add then email:

LUNCH Kent 36-3

van Jaarsveld 13 Stevens 6

More brisk stuff from Chambers here as he bowls a maiden before both sets of players walk off for lunch.

Kent 36-3

van Jaarsveld 13 Stevens 6

Runs are starting to flow slightly easier here for the visitors now with singles to fine leg.

van Jaarsveld then dispatches a short ball to the boundary with a lovely looking pull shot to move into double figures.

Kent 30-3

van Jaarsveld 8 Stevens 5

Big let off for van Jaarsveld as Stevens edges to ten Doeschate at third slip, but the flying Dutchman can't take the chance despite getting both hands on it.

Good first over from the former Wanstead man with everything on target.

Time for Maurice Chambers now

Kent 23-3

van Jaarsveld 6 Stevens 4

Interesting over from ten Doeschate there as a good delivery gets rid of Tredwell, but a few are off target and Stevens tickles the last ball to the fineleg boundary.

WICKET - Tredwell c Foster b ten Doeschate 10

A beauty from ten Doeschate finds the edge of van Jaarsvelds bat, but it bounces in front of a diving Foster and gets away for a single.

Much better two balls later though as Tredwell edges to Foster and his slow innings is finally ended!

Best ball of

Kent 18-2

Tredwell 10 van Jaarsveld 5

Steady stuff from Wright there, with another maiden and now its time for Ryan ten Doeschate to have a go in place of Masters.

Kent 18-2

Tredwell 10 van Jaarsveld 5

Finally, the shackles are broken somewhat as van Jaarsveld sends a thick edge through gully for four.

Theres some skillful bowling out there from Masters and Wright though, and its making it tough for the batsmen.

Kent 14-2

Tredwell 8 van Jaarsveld 1

Another fine over by Wright, especially with the wicket of Jones in there.

Van Jaarsveld gets off the mark with a single, but its all Essex at the moment, and they will be looking for a third wicket before the lunch break.

WICKET - Jones c Foster b Wright 1

What a stunning ball from Wright to get rid of Jones there!

A snorter can only be gloved through Foster and Wright breaks the partnership.

Kent 13-1

Tredwell 10 Jones 1

Masters is proving as miserly as ever today, as Tredwell just allows anything off line to pass through.

13 runs off 11 overs, not really motoring along at the moment it has to be said.

Kent 13-1

Tredwell 10 Jones 1

Tredwell squeezes another single off Wright to bring Jones back on strike.

Wright jags one back into his pads, but the appeal is muted and the one-time Ashes hero survives.

Kent 12-1

Tredwell 9 Jones 1

Tredwell scampers a single off Masters to finally move the scoring on, but the home bowlers are on top here with some tight and disciplined stuff.

Kent 11-1

Tredwell 8 Jones 1

Wright shapes one just past Jones off stump, and the opener is generating some good lift off the pitch here.

Simon Newell has also been in touch to say

Hoping Essex will have another good season after picking up a trophy last year. Probably the best one-day side in the last few season's.

They definitely want to retain their one-day titles this season, and also go for promotion from Division Two too. Looking good at the moment today.

Kent 9-1

Tredwell 8 Jones 1

Jones off the mark with a push through square leg, which brings Tredwell to face Masters for the first time.

Its as if he doesnt want to play unless absolutely vital though as if its not honing in on the stumps, its left alone.

Kent 8-1

Tredwell 8 Jones 0

Wright continues against Tredwell, who defends and defends before carving the last ball through the covers for a welcome boundary. Good shot that too.

Kent 4-1

Tredwell 4 Jones 0

Another fine over from Masters here as Jones safely negotiates the last five balls, but thats a wicket maiden from Essex's premier fast bowler

WICKET - Denley c Foster b Masters 0

Masters finally gets his man as Denley wafts away from his body and Foster pouches the edge safely. Good reward that, as he had him in all sorts of trouble.

Kent 4-0

Denley 0 Tredwell 4

Wright is looking steady here, but Tredwell remains happy to leave anything outside his offstump.

Good line and length from the opening bowler here as the last ball is allowed to go through to the gloves of Foster again.

Kent 4-0

Denley 0 Tredwell 4

Masters continues to beaver away against Denley and beats him with consecutive away swingers and outswingers.

The bowling masterclass keeps going as Denley can't lay his bat on the last ball either.

Kent 4-0

Denley 0 Tredwell 4

Excellent start from Wright with two balls that are right in that corridor of uncertainty.

Unfortunately the next is on the legs which Tredwell confidently puts away for four.

He's back on the mark for the remainder of the over though.

Kent 0-0

Denley 0 Tredwell 0

Masters has Denley in some trouble here as the first two balls keep low, while the third beats the edge and the fourth brings a mighty lbw shout.

The final two are safely negotiated but warm applause rings round Chelmsford for a maiden over.

Its Joe Denley and James Tredwell to open up for Kent now, facing David Masters.

The jovial Rob Newton has been in touch on the emails to say

What's a cricket press box like? Is it any different to football? Do you get any treats? Can't imagine it's any better than those brilliant chaps at Dagenham and Redbridge! Can i have your autograph?

Well Rob, it must be said that is it slightly more spacious than at Daggers, with tea and coffee on demand. No treats as such, but we'll wait until lunch to see what is brought. And yes, you may have my autograph.

ESSEX 370 ALL OUT - Kaneria c Denley b Parnell 23

Chambers not out 4

Parnell rips one through Chambers defences first up, but the former Wanstead man then slices past cover for two.

A leading edge brings him another run, before Kaneria dances with death once too often and another heave sees him snapped up by Denley at gully.

Seriously entertaining stuff though, but there will be 10 minutes wait now for the Kent batsmen to get their gear on and start their reply.

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Essex 367-9

Kaneria 23 Chambers 1

It did seem that Foster got a bit carried away when Kaneria came in and started hitting the ball to all parts, as he perished trying to cut a wide one from Saggers, which could have been left alone.

Last man Chambers is in now, and hes off the strike with an edge for one.

WICKET - Foster c Jones b Saggers 99

Good humoured stuff here as both Foster and Kaneria show their hitting prowess. Kaneria smashes a ball over the top but Fozzie keeps it at a single so he can finally take some strike.

Its to no avail though as he swishes at a wide one and is caught behind for 99, a sad end for the wicketkeeper as he deserved a century for his performance yesterday.

Essex 364-8

Foster 98 Kaneria 22

Three balls from Parnell and three misses from Kaneria, who then drills the next delivery through cover for another four.

The next is an agricultural heave which fails to make contact, while another slap makes the boundary too, and Danish motors on to 22!

He looks much better when he throws the bat is must be said,

Essex 356-8

Foster 98 Kaneria 14

Foster joins in the fun by dancing down the track to hit the ball over the top for two, before guiding another ball down to third man to move to 98.

Time for some more Kaneria, and he chips the ball to fine leg for a well-run two, while the next is simply mowed back over Saggers head for a superb boundary!

Top stuff this from the Pakistan spinner.

Essex 346-8

Foster 95 Kaneria 8

After that wicket, Kaneria glided the ball through the slips for a boundary, before steering the next ball to first slip!

Parnell responds with a bouncer next up, but Kaneria top edges him over everybody for another four, funny over that!

WICKET - Wright c Kemp b Parnell 6

Wright continues to monopolise the strike as an on drive brings him another two, but Parnell then snares him with a beauty. The ball takes the edge and keeper Jones dived full length to parry the ball, but Kemp snaffles the rebound.

Essex 336-7

Foster 95 Wright 4

More solid defence from Wright here as Saggers is struggling to get anything past the bat.

A nice back foot push brings Wright three through the cover, but its off the last ball yet again, so Fosters wait continues!

Essex 333-7

Foster 95 Wright 1

Wright off the mark now with a thick edge to third man, but its off the last ball again, so Foster is sent back to the other end for Saggers next over.

Wright is looking in good touch at the moment though, with a number of shots coming off the middle of the bat.

Essex 332-7

Foster 95 Wright 0

Former England seamer Martin Saggers is opening up at the other end, but his first delivery is well wide down the leg side.

Wright steals another legbye off the second last ball to deny Foster the strike once more!

Essex 331-7

Foster 95 Wright 0

Parnell opens up here to Wright, who defends his first three balls well before having a wild slash to the fourth and is beaten.

The left armer then produces a beauty to go past the edge which defeats Jones too and a bye opens the scoring for the day.

Hello and welcome to the Ford County Ground for the second days play between Essex and Kent.

The main talking point early on will be whether James Foster can go on and reach his 100 today as he resumes on 95 not out having lost Matt Walker for 98 late last night.

The sun is blazing here today, so if you would like to get in touch today then email: