Head of c2c announces intentions to improve Barking station

Barking rail station

Barking rail station - Credit: Archant

Cutting-edge Italian design is set to inspire a redesign of Barking station for the second time in its history.

The Grade II listed building was closely modelled on Italy’s best known railway station, the iconic 50s modernist structure Roma Termini, when it was redesigned before its royal unveiling in 1961.

Whilst the station in Rome might have a Trussardi designer fashion store where Barking’s Griller chicken shop is, the similarities are quite striking.

And the station is set to borrow design principles from its Italian counterpart once more.

Rail operator c2c, the company responsible for maintaining Barking Station, are owned by Italy’s nationalised rail provider Trenitalia following a February takeover. The British arm of the company intend to look at how Roma Termini has modernised when updating the London station.

Speaking to Barking and Dagenham’s Chamber of Commerce yesterday, c2c managing director Julian Drury told business leaders he shared some of their concerns about the appearance and functionality of the station.

Mr Drury said the company are looking at ways to improve the appearance of the station, as well as accessibility for cars and taxis picking up arriving passengers.

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Improvements to the retail area are also being explored, “but don’t expect a Louis Vuitton,” he said.

In a question and answer session following the talk, one audience member complained: “There are no signs to say you’re at your stop, and the appearance of the place certainly doesn’t make you want to get off.”

However, most in attendance seemed pleased attention was being paid to the development of the station and were glad the managing director of a company whose primary customer base is in Essex had visited east London.

Mr Drury also took the opportunity to run through some of c2c’s service delivery stats.

In 2013 they set the UK record for train punctuality with 97.5 per cent. Last year they achieved 96.8 pc. Overall customer satisfaction is 89 pc.

However only 56 pc are happy with the state of the toilets - something Mr Drury said was “very difficult to get right.”

And only 52 pc think the service offers value for money, a stat Mr Drury said the company were “working hard” to change.