A new vaccination hub opened up at King George Hospital on Wednesday (January 27), with 233 people receiving the first dose of their jab.

%image(14876418, type="article-full", alt="Joe Flynn was the first person to receive the jab and called it "the first step back to normality".")

In addition a total of 11,879 people received the jab on Wednesday at the hub at Queen's Hospital, which launched in December.

Coronavirus Vaccine: 7 1 Million Have Received First Dose

One of the first people to get the vaccine at the new hub was nurse Lola Smith, who works in the children's emergency department.

%image(14876420, type="article-full", alt="Deputy matron for geriatrics at Queen’s Hospital Casrine Hudson-Williams also received the jab which some have called "gold dust".")

She said: "As a BAME member of staff, we just need to lead by example. There's been a lot of misinformation and fear about the vaccine especially in our community and that's what led me to do it. It's a lifeline for me and my family."

The first person to be jabbed was Joe Flynn, who works in the outpatients clinic prep department.

%image(14876421, type="article-full", alt="Amanda Kaur works for Mitie, based at KGH said she was happy to receive the jab knowing she was protecting her family and vulnerable family members.")

He said he was proud to be the first after having worked at the trust for six years and said it "feels like the first step back to normality".