Chadwell Heath teacher urges people to get the Covid vaccine

Ashraf Uddin receiving a Covid vaccine jab.

Ashraf Uddin recently received the Covid vaccine and urges everyone to do the same when it is offered to them. - Credit: Ashraf Uddin

A Chadwell Heath school teacher and St John Ambulance volunteer has urged people to get the Covid vaccination when it’s offered to them.

Ashraf Uddin, who teaches at The Warren School and received an MBE for his 20 years of voluntary service and pandemic response, recently had his first jab.

He encouraged others to also get vaccinated to protect their family, friends and community. 

Mr Uddin said: "Throughout history, vaccines have been the most effective and safe way to prevent infectious diseases around the world. 

“They have been well researched by qualified scientists who are experts in their field.  

“Some people will experience mild side effects that will not last long - I had a sore arm for two days with a slight headache, which can happen with any vaccine.” 

He added that consultations with medical staff will take place before any vaccination.