Broad Street walk-in centre closure scrutinised

Broad Street Medical Centre in Dagenham

Broad Street Medical Centre in Dagenham - Credit: Archant

Plans to close Broad Street walk-in centre have come under fire from the Barking and Dagenham Partnership.

GPs announced in February that the centre in Dagenham was not being used appropriately and would be shut under NHS savings proposals.

But the Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board at Barking and Dagenham Partnership has raised concerns with the Clinical Commissioning Group which put forward the idea.

The board, which brings the council, NHS and GP commissioners and voluntary sector together, highlighted that the walk-in centre was an “invaluable service” to unregistered residents as well as being convenient for young children and the elderly.

It questioned whether the proposal was backed by evidence of a better health service in Dagenham or whether it was just financially-driven.

They also wanted to see geographical analysis of where people would go if Broad Street was closed, and assurance GPs could give additional appointments so that patients would not end up at Queen’s Hospital A&E.

Chair of the CCG, Dr Waseem Mohi, said he would use the discussion to advise the Health and Adult Services Select Committee.

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The Board will revisit the walk-in centre issue in the summer once the consultation is complete.