Campaign launched to protect Barking and Dagenham pharmacies

A campaign has been launched to secure the future of local pharmacies following the rise in internet-based prescription services.

North East London Local Pharmaceutical Committee, which covers pharmacies in Barking and Daegnham, is distributing a booklet that promotes the services offered by local stores.

They hope to make people aware of the benefits of going into a local pharmacy rather than ordering prescriptions online, helping to keep businesses and jobs alive.

Secretary Hemant Patel said: “Local pharmacies have personal relationships with the public but many people are under the impression that internet pharmacies will be the only option when electronic prescriptions are introduced.

“But we want people to choose local pharmacies so we can protect local services.”

There are 38 pharmacies in the borough, employing 228 people and serving 20,900 local people every day.

Jon Cruddas, Dagenham and Rainham MP, has handed his support to the campaign.

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He commented: “In a time of economic uncertainty and looming privatisation it is now more than ever we need to be supporting and protecting our local services.”