Dagenham man stranded in Thai hospital after motorbike crash receives more than £16k in donations

Harry in Thailand. Picture: Julie Cross

Harry in Thailand. Picture: Julie Cross - Credit: Julie Cross

A man from Dagenham who was involved in a horrific motorbike accident last week remains in good spirits while he awaits further treatment, his family say.

Harry George Buster Cross, 29, is awaiting a transfer to a Bangkok hospital in a bid to recover from the serious injuries he sustained when his motorbike was hit by a lorry carrying sugar cane, dragging him across the tarmac.

His leg had to be amputated after it was ‘degloved’, which is when the skin is town away from the underlying flesh. Harry’s pelvis was also shattered, meaning the socket for his amputated leg is not yet back inside his hip.

The family say the driver of the lorry has denied any wrongdoing and the matter will therefore be settled in court.

His sister, Julie Cross, who has just returned to the UK after visiting Harry in hospital, says this causes him “absolute agony” when he tries to move.

However Julie says he is “keeping his spirits high” and “his good humour going”.

The former Covent Garden bartender’s travel insurance had run out and whilst his motorbike insurance has paid a small amount of his medical bill, Harry is having to find the vast majority of the money himself.

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A friend set up a crowdfunding page to help fund his treatment and safe return to the UK. The total currently stands at over £16,000.

Julie says Harry has been “absolutely overwhelmed” by the generosity of all those who have donated towards his treatment.

Harry’s family are now hoping for him to make enough of a recovery to be able to fly back to the UK. Airlines will not allow him to fly in his condition, meaning he has to be treated in Thailand.

However Julie wishes her brother was being treated in the UK.

“We would give anything to have him with the NHS now,” she said.

Nursing staff levels are so bad that Harry’s girlfriend is currently sleeping on the floor next to his bed in the hospital so that someone is constantly with him, according to Julie.

A fundraising collection is being planned for the Heathway Shopping Centre on April 13 where you can donate towards harry’s treatment.

You can also donate online at gofundme.com/harrybuster.