Dagenham mum left without power for almost 24 hours after meter removed without warning

Kirsty McGlynn with her 16 month old son, Mason Turner

Kirsty McGlynn with her 16 month old son, Mason Turner - Credit: Archant

A young mum was left without electricity for almost 24 hours after Npower removed her meter without any warning.

Kirsty McGlynn, 23, returned home from work, cradling her 16-month-old baby, on Wednesday last week to top up her meter – only to find it had gone.

She initially assumed it had been stolen and immediately rang her letting agent but was told to call the energy supplier instead.

After being left on hold for almost an hour, Kirsty, who lives in Eldridge Court in St Mark’s Place, Dagenham, was told Npower was under “no obligation” to warn her about its action, which it said was due to the meter having been tampered with before she moved in, posing a safety risk.

“I was shocked – I think it’s unacceptable,” Kirsty said. “I didn’t have anything – no cooker, no microwave, no fridge, no freezer, no kettle – nothing.”

She later realised a handwritten note had been pushed through her letterbox while she had been at work that day, but there was no other indication of the meter’s removal, and the energy company had made no effort to contact her by phone or e-mail.

Power was restored the following day, following continual phone calls from Kirsty to try and get the issue fixed.

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Luckily, Kirsty was able to stay at her mum’s for the night – but she added she might have been without anywhere to go if her family didn’t live so close by.

“My son hadn’t eaten for god knows how long and they [Npower] don’t know my mum lives half an hour away,” she said.

“The lady on the phone said she was sorry it had happened but that’s not going to replace the week’s worth of shopping that I’ve lost.”

A spokesman for Npower, which has given Kirsty a £10 cheque to apologise for the inconvenience caused, said: “We’re sorry to hear about Kirsty’s query.

“However, the meter was tampered with, which, in this instance, posed a health and safety risk to both Kirsty and her baby and, under our licence condition, we took steps to ensure the property was safe.

“Once we learned there was a dependent at the property, the meter was immediately re-installed.”