Domestic violence offenders could be locked up this Christmas, Barking and Dagenham police warn

Barking and Dagenham police are warning people that there is never an excuse for violent behaviour during the festive period or at any time of year.

Speaking to the Post, Det Insp Andy Petty said the message to residents is simple: “Enjoy your Christmas, enjoy it by drinking in the pub if that is your choice, but if you think it is OK to beat your partner or family I will use every resource available to me to ensure that you spend the rest of your Christmas in a cell.”

He said those suffering from violence behind closed doors should contact police who can offer support and protection.

“Coming forward often marks the first step to bringing the cycle of violence to an end,” he said. “Christmas should not be dreaded by the partners and families of violent individuals – everyone should be able to enjoy it free from the fear of both physical and mental violence.

“If domestic violence is the option you chose during this festive season we’ll be seeing you soon.”

Earlier this month the Met Police launched a domestic violence campaign, urging people to report perpetrators.

The campaign, which carries the slogan, “You make the call, we’ll make it stop, call 999,” includes a video where viewers take on the role of a neighbour who hears someone being abused.

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It is hoped the video, which can be viewed on YouTube and the Met Police website, will show how bystanders can help put a stop to abuse in the home.