Barking charity fundraising to fight against period poverty

The Excel Women's Centre in Barking. Picture: Luke Acton.

The Excel Women's Centre in Barking. Picture: Luke Acton. - Credit: Luke Acton

A Barking charity is trying to raise £10,000 to support young women facing period poverty and, at the same time, help save the planet.

So far, the Excel Women's Centre has raised almost £4,000 from more than 30 supporters.

Nusrath Nainah is a fundraising officer with the EWC and is running the campaign.

"We started the campaign to promote period poverty, but looking at it more I realised there are more factors to be considered, like the environmental factors."

Period poverty is when women and girls have limited access to sanitary products because they can't afford them.

And while the government is providing free sanitary products to schools and colleges from as early as September, not everything around the issue has been addressed.

Traditional period products can contain plastics and other man-made materials that aren't environmentally friendly.

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Instead of using traditional materials, the EWC wants to offer free products that are either biodegradable or re-usable.

You can help the campaign by donating at

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