GP warning before Ramadan fasting begins

GPs have put out a warning to Muslims to look after their health as they fast this Ramadan.

The holy festival, which begins around July 9 and ends on August 9 depending on the sighting of the moon, sees Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

People with chronic illness, who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are elderly and frail have been advised to check with their GP whether it is safe to fast.

Dr Waseem Mohi, chair of the Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “When fasting, it is really important to be aware of your health and any health issues that could arise. Fasting is not only a spiritual act but a physical one as well. If you suffer from an illness such as diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure for example, please speak to your GP about managing these conditions before you begin fasting.”

He also advised making sure both the pre-dawn meal and meal ending the fast contain plenty of fruit and vegetables, slow-release energy foods such as lentils and rice, and to drink lots of water.