Health chiefs launch Ramadan guide for Barking and Dagenham Muslims

Health bosses have published a Ramadan booklet to help keep diabetes sufferers and pregnant women stay healthy during the month of fasting.

The guide contains top tips on how to observe the religious month safely, fasting while taking medicines, staying hydrated and travelling during Ramadan, which starts on Saturday, July 21.

Some 40,000 copies of the booklet, called Keeping Healthy in Ramadan, are being distributed at venues including mosques, hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies in east London.

NHS North East London and the City has warned that fasting Muslims suffering from chronic illnesses, pregnant women and people on medication may face irregularities in their health including dehydration, dizziness or even medical complications.

Barking GP Dr Waseem Mohi said: “Ramadan is a very special month for many of us.

“We want people to observe Ramadan in a healthy way. If you need help or advice with this, please speak to your midwife, nurse or GP. “This is particularly important if you are pregnant or have diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes, your diabetic specialist may also be able to help with simple changes to your normal regime to help you fast safely.

“If you start to feel unwell during fasting, please seek advice as soon as possible.”

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The booklet was published as part of an NHS campaign to raise awareness of health during the month of fasting.