Hospital launches campaign to fight the five top diseases

Dr Charles Knight

Dr Charles Knight - Credit: Archant

A hospital has launched a campaign to help residents take action against the country’s five deadliest preventable diseases.

The Big Health Pledge, run by BMI The London Independent Hospital, hopes to raise awareness by encouraging local residents to make a pledge to improve their health.

Residents can complete a health survey online to identify which health pledge they could make.

According to government figures there were 1,411 premature deaths in Barking and Dagenham between 2009 and 2011, ranking it at 133rd out of 150 local authorities.

In the same period there were 136 cancer deaths out of 100,000 people, and 82 deaths from heart disease and stroke.

37 people died of lung disease and 19 from liver disease.

Dr Charles Knight, a consultant cardiologist at the hospital, said: “The Big Health Pledge will hopefully get people thinking about how they could eat healthier, be more active, quit smoking, drink less alcohol and be more health aware – all steps to a healthier, happier life.”

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Kirsty Baker, executive director at the hospital, said: “Our team is supporting this campaign to help people in the local Barking and Dagenham community look again at how their lifestyle choices can be affecting their health.”

For more information, or to complete the survey, visit