‘It was like she was medically trained’ - Dagenham girl, 7, calls ambulance for mum

Call taker Katherin Parker with Hannah Philo

Call taker Katherin Parker with Hannah Philo - Credit: Archant

A brave school girl has been hailed as an “absolute star” after calling an ambulance for her sick mum.

Seven-year-old Hannah Philo from Dagenham dialled 999 when her mum suffered an asthma attack.

The London Ambulance Service worker who took the call, Katherine Parker, said: “It was like speaking to a grown up, or even someone who was medically trained. As soon as the call was connected, she calmly said her name, address and what was wrong.

“I was completely stunned by how well she did. I didn’t need to tell her what to do – she opened the door for the paramedics and put the light on so they knew which house to come to, before I asked her to.

Henry Green pupil Hannah, who wants to be a nurse when she grows up, visited the ambulance control room last week to meet Katherine and receive a special certificate.

Hannah said: “I felt very nervous when I made the call, but I knew I had to be brave and call for an ambulance to make mummy better.”

Her mum, Maria, 32, who was taken to hospital, after the attack last month, said: “Hannah was upstairs at the time, but as soon as she came down and saw me, she knew I was having an attack and picked up the phone straight away.

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“She has a card by the phone with her name, age and address in case she needs to call for help.

“I’m so proud of her; she kept calm and knew exactly what to do.”

Katherine added: “It’s great she had the card by the phone, as it meant she stayed calm and provided me with the information I needed to get the ambulance to them as quickly as possible.”