Letter: Keep Covid vigilant

vidya sahota

107-year-old Vidya Sahota said she was "feeling well" after receiving her second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at The Broadway Theatre on May 28 - Credit: Jon King

Get vaccinated and keep to the rules

Dr Leonard Restall B Ed, M Ed (Hons), New Zealand, formerly from Barking, writes: 

The very salient warning given by Dr Chaand Nagpal, chairman of the British Medical Association, to maintain diligence and personal responsibility in combating the Covid menace is very timely (Post).

Recent evidence shows that where there has been some relaxation of the rules, that a resurgence of cases has resulted.

The highly successful vaccination programmes being run needs to be followed with the personal hygiene recommended to protect against the virus.

There could be the tendency to think that the vaccination programme is the finish of the virus and everything is back to normal, but that is far from the truth.

It is still a deadly virus and cases of infection are still turning up in most countries with good isolation procedures, causing subsequent lockdowns to be applied and travel border restrictions reimposed.

In countries where large sporting crowds are permitted and unlimited group meetings are allowed, there has often been a reintroduction of lockdown, indicating that it was still unsafe.

People enjoying the sunshine on Brighton beach. Wednesday could be the hottest day of the year so fa

People enjoying the sunshine on Brighton beach in June 2021 - Credit: PA Images

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We have seen on TV screens large numbers of people on beaches, watching sports, meeting in pubs, as if there is no danger existing because vaccinations are being given and therefore there is complete protection and immunity for all.

This has not been found to be the case. Social distancing is still recommended and good hygiene needed.

Certainly, progress is being made to contain and protect against the virus, but complacency must not be allowed.

Each person has a part to play in the programme against this dangerous virus.
Get vaccinated, keep to the rules. Avoid complacency but maintain vigilance.